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Saturday 27 January 2018

Gavin Williamson Affair - THE TRUTH

Not for nothing is former Government chief whip and now Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson known to many of his colleagues as “Private Pike”, or even just “Stupid Boy”. He likes to give the impression that he’s in the Francis Urquart league when it comes to scheming and plotting, only for it all to unravel and show that he’s full value for his well-deserved nickname. The latest example of his prowess has underscored this.
Look, I'm in the papers, Uncle Arthur

Yesterday’s Daily Mail includes a teaser at the top of the front page with Williamson and his wife flashing gleaming smiles to the camera, accompanied by the headline “May’s rising star: how office romance nearly destroyed our marriage … Defence Secretary’s candid admission”. For a Tory minister, that kind of sympathetic publicity looks too good to be true - because, as so often, it is too good to be true.
Heartwarming ... dead cat

The Mail’s article was all Williamson could have asked for: “New Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson confessed last night to a fling that at one time threatened to end his marriage. The rising Tory star, touted as a possible next party leader, admitted that the brief office romance with a former colleague was ‘a dreadful mistake’ but said his wife Joanne had forgiven him”. Dead cat deployed, turd duly polished, job done.
Russia scare ... dead cat

It wasn’t the only dead cat the Defence Secretary has been chucking on the table. Yesterday’s Telegraph claimed “Russia is ready to kill us by the thousands”, referring to disruption of the UK’s energy supply, but his claim is total crap. As the Guardian pointed out, “Experts said the lights were unlikely to go out if the electricity interconnectors, which supply about 5% of UK power, were somehow cut off … Even if all four power lines were disrupted simultaneously, it is unlikely supplies to homes would be affected”.
The Tory reality ...

And it was the Guardian that held the key to Williamson’s Mail confessional: “The Mail interview was published a few hours after Williamson’s lawyers refused to answer a series of questions from the Guardian about his departure from the fireplace firm Elgin & Hall, where he was the managing director in 2004”. There was more.
... so back to dead cats ...

Informed sources said events came to a head in the summer of 2004, when the woman told her direct line manager about her working relationship with Williamson … A meeting was held to discuss the issue with senior executives from Aga, it is claimed. Days later, former staff claim, Williamson left the company and the group with no explanation. Aga declined to comment”. As did Williamson. Instead, he ran to the Mail for cover.
... because this is the name of the game

All this - note that the Tel has got round to the story, brushing if off by picturing the happy couple with the cursory headline “Old office affair rears its head for Williamson” - has not only detracted from the Tories’ internal war over Brexit and much more, it has, as the front page of today’s i shows, helped this dangerous clown to move a step closer to getting his hands on the keys to 10 Downing Street, a prospect that should terrify us all.
The truth is that Gavin Williamson is no more morally upstanding than Sir Michael Fondle and Damian Grope. His nickname of “Stupid Boy” is well deserved, and he should not be allowed anywhere near the levers of power. Full stop, end of story.

Sadly, our free and fearless press is too partisan and blind to the dangers in promoting this nonentity that they will probably give him a free pass. And that’s not good enough.


Anonymous said...

"Russia is ready to kill us by the thousands".

Christ, I bet The Friends at Vauxhall Cross and the Brit Desk at Langley are dead chuffed with that bucket of rotting fish heads.

For this kind of propaganda programme, see British "newspapers" and pulp fiction pre-First World War.

And everyone thinks Joe McCarthy, the Dulles brothers and J. Edgar Hoover are dead. Plus George Smiley and, er, Peter Wright.

Williamson? As with Hancock the liar, they'll sell him like soap flakes until it becomes impossible. After which he'll be dropped into the dustbin of history or employed by the successors to Murdoch/Rothermere. For the template, see Bullingdon Bullshitter George Gideon Oliver Osborne.

It's all so tediously predictable it would be hysterically funny if it wasn't so potentially lethal. Where's Stanley Kubrick when you need him?

Unknown said...

So his sexual harassment is given gilt edging, and he abuses his perceived power to put the frighteners on the British Public. We'd better tool up then!

Anonymous said...

Francis Urquhart initials are of course FU. Gavin Williamson is the very definition of a Fucked Up Tory.

Gavin I wanna be PM has to deploy the pre-emptive strike of confessional lest he be diverted off his trajectory to Number 10. No doubt the left (Grauniad) will continue to dig.

Then Gav warns about Russia. You really couldn't have made it up.

Gavin and his Dracula-like gormless grin is something we do not want to see on the steps of Number 10 as PM.

Ferdy Fox said...

Hmmm! Non-entity, talks crap, readily spreads scary stories, doesn't know his arse from his elbow - definitely on a fast track to No 10 I'd say.

Anonymous said...


When you get the opportunity can you please post side-by-side photos of Williamson and Lloyd and Wooton of the Scum?

No further explanation will be needed.

Thanks in advance.

Jonathan said...

Christ, the Tories under the Maybot a bugger joke than Henry Bolton.

Stephen said...

The real big story on the front of that Guardian is the Mark E Smith one. Goodbye, Mark.