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Wednesday 3 January 2018

Toby Young Lesbian Lust Shame

While the loathsome Toby Young, aided and abetted by some of the most unsavoury right-wingers known to humankind, continues to protest his suitability for board membership of the new Office for Students and clings on by his fingernails, and deletes his Twitter back catalogue by the tens of thousands - not quickly enough, as Zelo Street readers will already have realised - his less than illustrious past continues to haunt him.
One facet of his past witterings that Tobes has been keen to correct has been his attitude towards the LGBT community. “For the record, I’m a supporter of women’s rights and LGBT rights. Indeed, I was a supporter of gay marriage and debated Nigel Farage on the topic in public” he tells. But he still wrote “In latest post for @TelegraphBlogs I argue that every gay and lesbian Conservative MP should come out of the closet". And his attitude towards the L part of LGBT has been little short of shameful.

We know this as Tobes put his name to a GQ article titled “I was a Lesbian for a Night”, where he explains helpfully “As far back as I can remember I always wanted to be a lesbian”. Then he claims “Most men fantasize about spying on lesbians; I want to be one. So I became one”. Anyone wanted to spy on lesbians? No, me neither. But do go on.
So Tobes disguised himself as a woman, which was probably not unlike Some Like It Hot, except for the lack of humour. And off he went for his first encounter.

The first stop was Ruby Fruit on Hudson Street. The women in Ruby Fruit are not what you'd call lipstick lesbians. They're hard-core dykes. I'd been warned by several veterans of the New York gay scene that if the denizens of Ruby Fruit discovered I was a man there was a good chance they'd beat the crap out of me … Several of them looked like German shot-puters [sic]”. This is a Government appointee talking, in case you forgot.

There was more. His next stop was “Henrietta Hudson. On Friday nights Henrietta Hudson turns into the G Spot which, according to The New York Press, is full of ‘cute downtown lesbians.’ I wasn't disappointed. The dance floor was heaving with gorgeous young lesbians rubbing up against each other and sticking their tongues down each other's throats”. A Government appointee responsible for co-founding a Free School.
He wasn’t finished. “The final stop was Mother on 14th Street which plays host to the Clit Club. Inside the atmosphere was electric. Lithe young bodies writhed around on the dance floor as Latin house music was pumped out of the PA system. The place was so packed it was almost impossible to move”. Sadly, one of those present recognised the clown, even with his make-up and wig. It seems that not even the most sophisticated camouflage can mask that Tobes je ne sais quoi which screams “Bellend” to all around him.

I’m sure The Great Man will have a suitable explanation for all of this. But all it says to me is that he’s got a sad and perverted streak and should not be let near any group of people who have a different sexual orientation from his own. That’s in addition to all the women he shouldn’t be allowed near, after all those Twitter excursions telling of “boobs”, “knockers”, “baps”, masturbation, and the rest. This idiot is not fit to be paid from the public purse.

And there will be more less than welcoming news coming soon. Hint.


Jonathan said...

Totally suitable CV for becoming a Tory MP, surprised the good ladies of NY didn't deport the little narcissit.

Young Toby said...

Toby or not Toby. That is the question.

Toby honest, I'd chose not Toby.

Oh Toby young again.

Paul B said...

More importantly, should this sort of pervert, sorry I meant person be allowed to be near children schools or young
impressionable people? I speak as a grandfather of four, ex-school governor and as a qualified educationalist.
Certainly, he would be disqualified from the above two roles under any other circumstances. How he could be allowed to run a school is beyond comprehension. I think the secretary of state needs to urgently answer these questions. The first question to ask is always "Is this candidate a fit and proper person for public office"?
The answer is obvious, quite clearly he is not.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to see the reactions of parents and students if they were shown his tweets.

Unknown said...

And this numpty has instructed an underling to delete 50,000 tweets from his account . Bit late for that now Tobes...

Torontoboy45 said...

Right-wing? No. Keen amateur educationalist? Nope. Writer? Barely. Laddish? When it suits. Deep down, Toby is none of these. The truth is he's nothing more than a brown-nosing, unprincipled, self-serving, self-publicising opportunist. Don't be fooled; if Corbyn's Labour offered him better opportunities he'd be found at conferences singing the 'Red flag'. That's what we're dealing with here. He and his like are nothing more than anal polyps up the arse of British politics. You don't need to be non-Tory to recognise him for what he is.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for someone to dish the dirt on his toad fetish. Not sure I want the unsavoury details though.

Jonathan said...

Sadly Tobes was given the job by Jo Johnson in what appears to be a political appointee over more and suitably qualified people.

Toby Young's views on eugenics and his disdain for working class kids and those with disabilities make him unsuitable for the role.

Jonathan said...

He'll be gone by February..

Gonzoland said...

So, this sponger from the Public Purse was proud of his Twitter back catalogue up until a day ago.
The workshy are assets when compared with Toby Young because the workshy cause no harm.

Anonymous said...

Many will be oblivious.

I'm very annoyed that politicians still don't know better.
But then.....

Anonymous said...

The fellow is a far right ranting rightie even by tory "standards".

And that's saying something.