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Thursday 18 January 2018

Sun Sick Beheading Stunt FLOPS

Looking, as always, to keep the readers from drifting away to a neutral or even, heaven forbid, Remain stance on the hated EU, the Murdoch goons at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun have decided to parody the news that the Bayeux Tapestry is to leave France for the first time in over 900 years and go on display in Britain. This generous gesture from French President Emmanuel Macron could not be allowed to pass without comment.
Tony Gallagher - a suitable case for the sacking treatment

But the sense of fun which infused previous Sun EU attacks - typified many years ago by the “UP YOURS DELORS” headline, a cheap and tacky but otherwise harmless gesture - is forever absent in the world of editor Tony Gallagher, who still has the default spite mode of the Daily Mail coursing through his veins. So the Bayeux piss-take has turned out to be not at all funny, except that it’s probably put another nail in his editorial coffin.
The Sun fun days ... harmless gestures

BYE-EU TAPESTRY The Sun’s Brexit-inspired tapestry shows EU membership was one long stitch-up … As Britain faces another moment of destiny with Brexit freeing us from the continental shackles of the hated EU, we mark another historic move” trumpets the headline, in a routine detachment from reality in the lives of those in the Baby Shard bunker. Then comes the lame Sun Tapestry.
The new Sun days ... violent incitement

Sadly, the Murdoch goons are not up to even imitating the original Latin of the Bayeux Tapestry with any conviction - The [Real] Goon Show did that much better - so inflict on their readers a mixture of Medieval, cod and very bad Latin, recycling stuff from the Bible, and of course along the way pretend that their pack of lies about the Queen backing Brexit was really true (it really wasn’t). Then they slip up. Very badly.

The final tableau of the Sun Tapestry depicts Theresa May standing victorious, holding her Union Jack and proclaiming “Let Joy Be Unconfin├Ęd” (I warned you the attempts at realism were crap), while surrounded by the headless bodies of her EU “enemies”. Facing Brussels and sticking two fingers up it was not.
Many were not happy at the sick stunt. James Felton observed “To draw your attention to the most unhinged part of this from @TheSun, here's Theresa May standing over the decapitated corpses of our allies”. Nicolas Hatton agreed: “Let Joy Be Unconfined? What a disgusting and violent xenophobic depiction of Brexit by @TheSun showing May with bodies of decapitated Europeans around her. I am filing a complaint”.
And Brexit Bin in turn agreed with Hatton, responding “I have to agree. As well as not being funny, this final depiction of cheering Leavers and a triuphant May surrounded by the bodies of decapitated EU27 citizens is a borderline incitement to violence”. No doubt our sham press regulator IPSO will wipe the Murdoch goons’ backsides and say there is nothing to see here, honestly, but the reality is that Gallagher has goofed yet again.
Not even the repellant Kelvin McFilth of Hillsborough infamy would have sanctioned something depicting a Prime Minister celebrating among the decapitated bodies of our fellow European leaders. Tony Gallagher could, and should, have spiked this drivel.

He did not. So perhaps it’s time for that P45 to be wheeled out.


Anonymous said...

I have a tremendous urge to take a cleansing hot shower whenever I have the misfortune to encounter Gallagher's name or photo.

Unknown said...

According to the IPSO website, “inciting murder” isn’t a contravention of the Editor’s Code. I did ask IPSO for clarification several times on Twitter, but they did not respond... #shamRegulator

Anonymous said...

Not the best front page photo used in article. Given the recent death of somebody with similar sounding name.

Does anybody want to explain?