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Friday 12 September 2014

Don’t Menshn Child Sex Abuse

If anyone needed proof that former Tory MP Louise Mensch should never have been allowed near elective office, and may prove a serious embarrassment even to the Sunday version of the Super Soaraway Currant Bun, it can be found in her attempt to smear Nafir Afzal, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) Chief Crown Prosecutor for North-West England, which is inept and malicious – as well as wrong.
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Ms Mensch’s worse than wayward attack centres on the Rochdale grooming case, where she suggests that Afzal – whose name she consistently mis-spells as “Azal” – was somehow negligent. In fact, Afzal was responsible for re-opening the case, after his predecessors had earlier declined to pursue it. His intervention is the main reason that several men from the area are now serving long prison sentences.
Bear that in mind as Ms Mensch kicks off: “Nafir Azal [sic] is going to have to resign. Been reading about the Rochdale case vs the Rotherham case and his comments on both ... In two cases, years apart, the CPS under Nafir Azal [sic] determined they would not prosecute because a child victim was ‘not credible’”. Rochdale I already covered; in Rotherham Afzal has not yet, as far as is known, intervened.
That in itself is sufficient not to believe Ms Mensch. But then she digs herself in: “Years later in Rotherham, under Nafir Azal [sic], a second (or the same) ‘experienced CPS lawyer’ decided not to prosecute on the same basis” [no citation given] ... Two years, two towns, two cases, Nafir Afal [sic] in charge both times, the child victim determined by [the CPS] to be ‘not credible’”. That is just not true.
Then comes a citation: “This is dated May, 2012. Read the quotes by Nafir Azal [sic] and what the [CPS] lawyer did to [the] victim ... Nafir Azal’s [sic] CPS has been doing this to white child victims of [Pakistani Muslim] grooming gangs since 2008”. Afzal is not the head of the CPS. He was not in post in 2008. The Manchester Evening News article makes the timeline clear.
Then she makes it up: “Look at what Nafir Azal [sic] of [the CPS] said re race in 2012 [citation] vs what judge said in same case [citation]”. He did not say anything “re race” in the cited article. But, well, onwards and, er, onwards: “Look at Nafir Azal [sic] of [the CPS] behaviour towards white child victims of [Pakistani Muslim] grooming gangs. There is a pattern – a clear pattern”. Of getting the culprits jailed, perhaps?
Then comes a seriously nasty smear: “Reading Nafir Azal’s [sic] 2012 words & collusion of [the CPS] in relation to [Pakistani Muslim] grooming gangs it could be 2014 – same words, same deeds, no change ... In Rochdale and in Rotherham years later under Nafir Azal [sic] CPS UK lawyers called rape victims not credible”. They didn’t, and “collusion” may be an allegation too far.

Louise Mensch was not fit to be an MP. She may be about to drop the Sun in it, too.

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Anonymous said...

Incredible, she really is as thick as a brick.

Hopefully Afzal will take her to the cleaners for that.