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Monday, 1 January 2018

Toby Young Profits From Racism

As if the news that the loathsome Toby Young had been gifted another taxpayer-funded sinecure were not bad enough, as the day has progressed, the excuses advanced in support of this decision have failed to raise the bar beyond the lamest of standards, and what is worse, it is now becoming clear that the meritocracy so championed by Tobes’ late father was not in evidence when the appointment was made.
This is the Bellend who got the job ...

Tobes himself stresses his commitment to free speech, except of course the kind exercised by victims of press misbehaviour, who should just run along and not make a fuss. Hence his opposition to any kind of press regulation reform, to the extent of blatantly lying about sham regulator IPSO, making claims for it that are not true.
... here's the kind of company he keeps ...

He cites the likes of Spectator editor Fraser Nelson - another who talks well on press regulation, but lies badly, sniffing “Technical expertise can be over-rated”, and also Paul Holland, whose sole qualification seems to be that he supports Brentford FC.
... a typical view of his talents ...

And that lack of support may be because it is slowly becoming clear not only that Tobes did not meet the job specification for the role he’s just been handed, but that there was at least one far better qualified candidate who got passed over.
... the lame standard of his apologists ...

The “Person Specification” shows the gulf between the role’s requirements and Tobes’ own track record. This talks of “The ability to contribute, influence and inspire confidence with a wide range of stakeholders” (no, don’t laugh), and that “Candidates should be able to demonstrate good judgment and high levels of integrity”. There is more.
... what the role actually specified ...

We read that “A successful candidate will demonstrate good strategic thinking and strong intellectual capability” (er, no) and have “An understanding of financial and corporate governance at a strategic level”. After the foul-ups at the West London Free School?
... someone rather more suited to that role ...

But the most serious problem is not who got the job, but who did not. Not only were representatives of teachers and lecturers, as well as students, passed over - the Tories showing exactly whose interests they are serving with the new department - someone whose CV puts Tobes to shame got binned as well.
... who got passed over for it ...

We know this as Nazir Afzal, former chief Crown prosecutor for the CPS in the North West of England, the man who successfully prosecuted the Rochdale grooming gang, has taken to Twitter to tell “I applied for this role … Thought as pro-chancellor of 1 univ, governor of another, 2 honorary doctorates from others, honorary fellowship & visiting lecturer at 3 more, I might get interview … I didn’t. Clearly I wasn’t what they were looking for! He was”.
... despite his positive contributions to society

Afzal has also recently contributed an item on Gandhi, “who together with Mandela taught me that a lawyer can make a difference beyond the law & should”, to the BBC Radio 4 Great Lives series. He is someone who has made, and continues to make, a difference. He has achieved all this on his own merit. Appointing him would not have been controversial, and would have sent out a positive signal for the Government.

But Nazir Afzal is not only not reliably Conservative enough, he’s not white or Christian, either. I’m sure it’s no more than a coincidence.


Shawlrat said...

Classic example of advertising a job, wasting the time of well qualified applicants, because they already knew who they wanted. None of the appointees remotely qualified in the education sector and they won’t rock the boat.

Anonymous said...

They want someone who will simply trot out Govt policy, not someone who will question the decisions being made.

A classic yes man.

Anonymous said...

Doubtless the hypocritical divvy will return to the public purse any money received.

Or maybe not.

All this demonstrates - tediously, yet again - is just how rigged and corrupt the "education" system is and how far it has gone in imitating the crackpot USA.

So now Young is a far right bureaucrat to join the others.

Britain, 2018. Yeuk.

Anonymous said...

Groucho Club Toby.

Why was he kicked out?

Gweedo Fawkes said...

Look Harry, they took the photo when I was holding your butt plug.
Or is it your Prince Albert?

I wonder who wants to buy this mug shot of us all.