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Sunday 23 September 2012

Romney Cheerleaders Versus Reality

They blame the media. They blame the rotten lefties. They blame circumstance, presentation, misunderstanding, and yes, they blame the polls for not giving the numbers that they know favour their party, their candidate, their ticket. The cheerleaders of the right want to believe that the Republican campaign for the US Presidency is not a slow motion car crash.

Another week, another own goal

Their representatives in the UK include the other worldly presence of Janet Daley, who uses her pulpit in the Telegraph to pretend that Mitt Romney is on to a winner with his message that 47% of the electorate aren’t worth bothering with because they’re a bunch of scroungers. Moreover, she asserts that, a week ago, the race was a dead heat, and that it still is close. She’s off her trolley.

And what confirms that Ms Daley is most likely on the District Line train carrying Melanie Phillips beyond Barking is her further assertion that putting Paul Ryan on the ticket has made the GOP even more appealing. Way to go, Jan: yes, in addition to alienating the low-paid, seniors, veterans, African-Americans, Latinos and anyone not rabidly heterosexual, Ryan adds the alienation of many women.

That’s because of his fiercely anti-abortion (under any circumstances) position, and his equally hard line on birth control. This is now sinking in with citizens across the USA, and the results are not looking good, as can be seen from the feedback from the Rand American Life Panel. Far from being tied a week ago, the Democrats were already more than two points ahead. The gap is now over six points.

Will this be taken on board? Doubtful. Not in the world inhabited by another Tel pundit, Tim Stanley, who you can tell as he’s a doctor. Here, Mitt is painted as someone who deep down is a “good citizen”. Yes, and so were Walter Mondale, Mike Dukakis and Barry Goldwater. These were all fine and upstanding citizens. And they all lost Presidential elections. Heavily.

Unless Romney performs some kind of miracle during the Presidential debates – as well as keeping off the gaffes for the next 40-odd days – he will be finished come the election in November. Advisors are jumping ship, as with so many rats. Many on the right are already writing off the poll, choosing instead to focus on 2016 when the Dems will have to choose a new hopeful.

There is nothing to talk up, Telegraph people. Get over it.

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Richard T said...

It's a lovely picture isn't it? Two malignant old bats sitting opposite each other on a District train hurtling along between Becontree and Dagenham Heathway, putting the world to rights.