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Monday 19 February 2018

UKIP’s Wacko New Leader

So farewell then Henry Bolton. Leader of the motley convocation of saloon bar propper-uppers at UKIP for less than five months, he has been summarily dumped after being caught in possession of an explicitly racist girlfriend and succeeded by Gerard Batten, who is, er, not quite as explicitly racist. The problem for all those Kippers claiming that he isn’t an unreconstructed racist is that he isn’t known as Adolf von Batten for nothing.
I am not a racialist, BUT, und zis is a big but ...

Batten is already well known for his rabid Islamophobia, which reached its nadir following the London Bridge attack last year. Ranting about “Saturday night’s latest Mohammedan attack”, he continuedSaturday night’s victims were just the latest in a long line of fourteen hundred years of bloodshed … How we defend ourselves against this cult is going to be one the biggest political issues facing us in the decades to come”.

There was more. “It is a literalist interpretation of Islam! The sickos read the bits about ‘kill infidels, make war on infidels’ and ‘strike terror into the hearts of infidels’ and take them literally … True, it’s a mish-mash of contradictory nonsense.  You can take the ‘peace and love’ bits or the ‘kill infidels’ bit and take your choice”. Whether Batten has ever read the Bible from cover to cover is not known. It contains similar contradictions.
After all, Judaism, Christianity and Islam are not known as the Abrahamic Religions for nothing: they all share the same starting point, the story of Abraham (or Ibrahim, if you’re reading the Qur’an). But to concede the bloodshed covering the Old Testament would be inconvenient for Adolf von Batten, so he does not.

No, he “claimed many Muslim migrants to the UK believed in a literal interpretation of the Koran … He claimed new arrivals to Britain should be obliged to sign an agreement rejecting this view”. Real freedom of opinion bloke, isn’t he? Nor is Batten too hot on Jews, although here he prefers to operate in code, that code being “Soros”. Soros is told where to get off. Soros is the kind of billionaire who likes the hated EU.
But the other lot are Nazis: Batten smeared Walter Hallstein, the first President of the European Commission by claiming he “worked for the Nazi Govnt. This was his second go at working for ‘European integration’”. Hallstein had worked in academia, was conscripted into the Wehrmacht during World War 2, and later became a prisoner of war. But for Adolf von Batten, he is a convenient target for smearing and projection.

Can it get worse? Rather a lot worse, in fact: it’s now been revealed by the Mirror that Batten, like Jacob Rees Mogg, spoke at a gathering the Traditional Britain Group, the domain of snooty and intolerant bigot Gregory Lauder Frost. As the Mirror told, “It was presided over by vice-chairman Gregory Lauder-Frost - who we revealed last month was secretly filmed by a Hope Not Hate activist calling Vanessa Feltz a ‘fat Jewish s**g’ and Baroness Lawrence a ’n*****’ … In a speech from the 2011 dinner posted on YouTube, Mr Batten said he was “honoured” to be invited”.

He keeps predictable company, too

Plus he’s backed by the likes of Bill “Viagra Golliwog” Etheridge, who’s given his support to the group who wanted to lynch Sadiq Khan. Anyone still wondering why he’s known as Adolf von Batten? Thought not. He’s a total wacko. And now he’s leading the Kippers.

So that’s another nail in the UKIP coffin. Just rejoice at that news.


Anonymous said...

I thought Mel Brooks's The Producers an unbeatable classic comedy.

But, fuck me rigid, the Kippers wipe the floor with it.

Imagine the fun to be had when they rejoin the tories. All that's necessary would be to point a finger at each of them and then dissolve in laughter. Throw in Oiky, Bozo and the Maybot and Mel Brooks would eat his heart out.

Ceiliog said...

Gregory Lauder-Frost was given a two year prison sentence for stealing cheques from his employer. All round good egg eh?