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Saturday 3 February 2018

Piers Morgan's BBC Meltdown

After the pointless softball that was the “interview” by Piers Morgan of his long-time friend, Combover Crybaby Donald Trump, he cannot have been surprised to experience the chorus of derision at this lame spectacle. Serious journalists and pundits ridiculed Morgan; his viewing figures when ITV broadcast the show did not even match the main evening news over on BBC1. And then the real piss taking began.
What he wants you to see ...

BBC2’s The Mash Report featured an item from Rachel Parris which said what many already believed - that Morgan was doing nothing more than kissing Trump’s arse. The Great Man was not happy. Except he wasn’t really not happy, honestly.
... versus what the rest of the world actually sees

He was so not unhappy that he couldn’t stop banging on about it and trying to whip up the mob against the BBC, in which he has been signally unsuccessful, although this may change if he gets his pal Rebekah and the people at the Mail to pitch in on his behalf.
I wasn’t upset by the cartoon, I merely asked if it would have been broadcast on publicly-funded BBC if it depicted a female president & interviewer. Or indeed a gay president & interviewer” he demanded, before turning his fire on Ms Parris. “Hi Rachel, I'm curious: given the current gender equality debate at the BBC, would you use this repulsive imagery & 'petite rectum' wording to talk about a female president and/or female journalist? If not, why is it acceptable to do it to men?” And there was more. Rather a lot more.
The BBC thinks this is OK to broadcast. But if it depicted high profile women, there would be outrage. Why the double standard?” It didn’t, and so there wasn’t. Have another go. “If the BBC broadcast an image like this after a female journalist interviewed @theresa_may - all hell would break loose & people would be fired. Gender equality shouldn't just apply to pay - should it?” He’s NOT offended. NOT outraged. He’s PERFECTLY HAPPY.
So we can't have #gridgirls or #walkongirls because the imagery is 'demeaning'. But the publicly-funded BBC can broadcast this about 2 men? Any comment, @Ofcom?” They’re probably still doubled up laughing. “I’m not embarrassed - I’m highlighting the BBC’s shocking hypocrisy”. Listen to ME NOW! Bow down before the Morgan Twitter following!
Would you be so gleeful if the BBC had done it to two high profile women or two high profile gay men?” No, nobody wanted to Look Over There. “Oh I can take it, relax. I’m just highlighting the hypocrisy of the BBC”. NOT upset. NOT offended. NOT sulking.
I'm not remotely outraged. I'm highlighting BBC gender equality hypocrisy”. Change of accusation, still no interest. Then the last desperate throw of the dice at Brian Moore: “Surprised to see you endorse a homophobic cartoon, Brian”. Homophobic? Whatever.

Piers Morgan so wants to be regarded as a serious journalist, despite his grovelling before The Donald and inept ranting on Good Morning Britain. He claims not to be offended, but in reality is seething because the world either doesn’t care, or is laughing at a depiction of him which has struck a chord with many of his contemporaries.

He’s still big. It’s the pictures that got small. And he ranks as high as any in Rome. But he is not, repeat is not, repeat IS NOT offended or hurt at the piss taking. Except he is.


Pavi said...

As always the cowardly rightwhinger bullies are happy to dish it out to those less able to defend themselves.
When the boots on the other foot, cry foul. Complain to OFFCOM perhaps?
Take on the chin like a real man? of course not. Where is your sense of humour Piers? Perhaps you should go and have a handbag fight with those other snowflakes Clarkson and P. Understaines

iMatt said...

Funny how the oh so original term 'snowflake' is bandied about by the likes of Moron should anyone legitimately criticise the idiot-in-chief'.

And yet he is shrieking at others because they point out the bleeding obvious. Namely that Moron is nothing more than a Trump puppet who cannot see what a dystopian cretin he defends at every opportunity.

Stephen said...

The answers I saw were all "Yes, if they had been as obsequious as you were."

He doesn't seem to understand that bit.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I agree with Moron on this one.

But it doesn't make him any less of a deluded self important right wing cunt for hire.

Pavi said...

Bags I the first go for the caption competition.

Interviewer; "Mr Moron what are you doing"?

Moron;" Looking for Farage"

Interviewer; " O.K. While your up there try to find Gove"

Pip pip