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Saturday 10 February 2018

Guido Fawked - Protesting Too Much

The saga of the anonymous death threat revealed by Tory MP Zac Goldsmith, and allegedly sent to an 80-year-old constituent of his, has not gone away merely because the Metropolitan Police is investigating the matter. This is not unconnected to an unusual amount of noise being generated on the subject by the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog in their efforts to smear others.
Zac Goldsmith. Not getting the hang of this beer stuff

As I’ve already told, Fawkes teaboy Alex “Billy Liar” Wickham had already gone off the end of the pier in no style at all at Peter Jukes of Byline Media for having the audacity to suggest that the campaign of anonymous letters - Matthew Elliott of Vote Leave infamy claimed he was aware of one - was “clumsily orchestrated”. Wickham made several logic leaps in order to claim that the Rotten Leftie (tm) meant it had been “staged”.

Knowing that Wickham shouting a little too loudly has been a dead giveaway in the past only served to increase suspicion that The Great Guido was using this event - whoever was behind it - for his own ends. And that suspicion only increased yesterday when, rather than keep schtum and allow the Met to complete their investigation, Wickham started bawling at Jukes again - and two other observers - for no reason at all.

Under the heading “Pro-Remain Journalists And Twitter Trolls Claimed Death Threats Were Fake”, the Fawkes teaboy howlsWhen Zac Goldsmith first drew attention to the coordinated campaign of death threats being sent to Leavers this week, most responded with horror. Not everyone, though. If you look at the replies to the original tweet, hundreds and hundreds of nutty Remain supporters claimed Zac had fabricated the letter himself”.
Milk, no suger, hold the smears eh Alex?

Mental health smear: check! And what was that about “coordinated campaign”? There was only one letter known about when Goldsmith first took to Twitter about it. Is that just the usual crap Fawkes research, or is Wickham letting something slip? But he had more: “Disturbingly, the worst offenders were three prominent journalists”. As opposed to the Fawkes rabble, then, who merely pretend to be journalists. But do go on.

The @hrtbps account, an anonymous lefty columnist with 66,000 followers, wrote a perverse article for the men’s website Joe.co.uk implying Goldsmith was responsible”. Yeah, right. That would be why he also Tweeted “They signed it ‘the real 48 percent’, and the official letterhead says they are European. I'd say it checks out. What say you, @MPSRichmond?” He did not say it was a fake, which Wickham claims.

Still, on ploughed Wickham. “He was joined by New European writer Mike Hind, who mocked the death threat and claimed there is ‘no evidence’ it wasn’t a set up by Zac”. What Wickham shows us is Hind Tweeting “Received this letter, which I suspect is from Zac Goldsmith … No, of course I have no evidence … But tell EVERYONE on the internets”. He didn’t say it was a set up, and didn’t say it was Fake.
Could Wickham do any worse? You just watch him go. “Byline’s Peter Jukes suggested the death threat was ‘coordinated’ by Steve Bannon”. Bullshit. Oh, but now we get “This morning Guido revealed that at least six Leave donors have been sent the chilling letters and the police are investigating”. Except that no citation was given in the Fawkes post making the claim. And we know not to take Wickham claims with no citations on trust.

Worse for The Great Guido, the post claiming there have been six more letters sent to Leave supporters states “It is suspected that the sender of the letters identified the donors using this article listing the names of those who gave money to the Leave campaign”. The article, from Business Insider, lists many prominent Leave donors. But there is a problem.

And that is that there is, apparently, no 80-year-old woman on the list who is a constituent of Zac Goldsmith. Unless the MP was not wanting the world to know that his mother, who is 83 and is a constituent of his, was targeted, and so knocked three years off her age.

So he’ll be dead pleased that her cover has been blown by the Fawkes teaboy. Another fine mess, once again.


Suki Stockwell said...

I thought it may be his mother. His family has form on faux victimhood.

Gonzoland said...

Captain Hubristic and the Fawke Up Kid do the usual.

Diana said...

Teaboys, can't take your eye of 'em for a moment.

Pavi said...

I hate to be classist, but he looks like he needs a good wash.