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Saturday 3 February 2018

Rees Mogg Fracas Deflection BUSTED

The right-wing outrage machine has been in full flow overnight after an address by Tory throwback Jacob Rees Mogg to students at the University of the West of England near Bristol was disrupted by protestors. What has not been dwelled upon, though, is that what had started as an interruption to Rees Mogg’s speech escalated momentarily into violence through the actions of one man who the right-wing are loath to identify.
Jacob Rees Mogg

To no surprise at all, the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog, after telling readersRees Mogg Involved In Violent Fracas At Student Event” at 1909 hours, then returned to blame the Rotten Lefties (tm) with “Rees Mogg Protester Identified As Momentum Corbynista” at 2148 hours.

The customary spin claims “Multiple eyewitnesses say the hooded protester who went nose-to-nose with Jacob Rees-Mogg tonight is a Corbynista, Momentum and Labour supporter [whose] Likes include Jeremy Corbyn, Bristol Momentum Youth, Bristol Labour Party and Filton and Bradley Stoke Constituency Labour Party … Another picture shows Ken Loach addressing a Bristol Momentum event”. Big intercoursing deal. Perhaps the Fawkes Massive would tell the world what law he broke by doing that.
Ross Kempsell - shameless Fawkes minion says Look Over There

What The Great Guido does not dwell upon is this snippet, which is from an account which is claimed to be from someone who was there: “Then there was a confrontation between a protester and an audience member”. This is the dead giveaway: the Fawkes blog has gone after the usual convenient target - someone they can identify as a left-winger, but who was merely protesting, to take the heat off the real culprit.

Because the “Fracas” only became “Violent” when a man in a white shirt approached the group who were barracking Rees Mogg and decided to wade in, confronting and indeed assaulting some of them, including at least one young woman. To no surprise at all, the Fawkes rabble don’t want to identify him. But they are in a minority of one.
One Tweeter who was there told “The member of the audience in the white shirt started getting violent towards the people being disruptive. I was standing in front of him when he punched me. No student was violent here”. Another posted video backing up this account and observed “Started by the guy in the white shirt manhandling the lady without any reason”. And, as Skwawkbox discovered, it wasn’t just manhandling.

The video they have obtainedshows even more clearly that a Rees-Mogg supporter in a white shirt strikes a woman protester in the face … The video also shows the man pushing through bystanders to reach the protesters, lunge for the woman and then posture, ‘skinhead-style’, before striking the woman’s face and then dragging a forearm across her face”. But it was all the fault of the Rotten Lefties, because The Great Guido said so.
After seeing that video, the thought occurs that there is a very good reason that the Fawkes rabble went after the first Corbyn supporter they could find. Because that takes the heat off the thug who waded into the argument between Rees Mogg and the protestors and turned the whole thing violent. So, everyone out there, who is he?

One thing is for sure - the Fawkes blog and their press pals won’t be telling us.


Burlington Bertie from Bow said...

This would explain why, on the clip on tv, Tree-Frogg appears to be actively doing the 'leave-it-Gary-'e-aint-werf-it' bit which 'e wouldn't bovver wiv unless his own thug supporter was the instigator.
On the other hand, the whole thing could have been set up to distract from his lying to parliament on Tuesday and to project a new hard-man image to appeal to us plebs.

Danny Dyer to play Rees-Mogg in a new biopic?

Jacob and the Aggronauts anyone?

JNH said...

Apologies for my pedantry, but UWE actually is 'in' Bristol, not 'near' to it. (Postcode is BS16)

The video clip in the following tweet https://twitter.com/RaheemKassam/status/959529976616947712 is interesting as it clearly demonstrates that no physical confrontation took place until 1:39 minutes into it, and as you say, only when the guy in the white shirt intervened.

I'm pretty sure that isn't what the Breitbart cameraman intended to demonstrate, but did so nonetheless!

Bob said...

Two revealing articles from JJ Patrick re JRM:



Once read they give further insight into the tactics of violence and
obfuscation subsequently employed in this incident.

JNH said...

Thanks for those, Bob, will peruse..

Rich M said...

UWE Frenchay Campus has the postcode BS16 but sits in South Gloucestershire, as do many other parts of what we consider to be Bristol. It looked to me like the kind of disruption that most professional politicians can turn to their own advantage. Mogg himself said that they didn't want to hit him. I'm much more outraged and worried about the violent threats, and acts, carried out against our MPs. We lost an MP to a political terrorist less than 2 years ago.

DBC said...

Today's Times has an excellent article by Matthew Parrish about Rees-Mog. He is described as"a barmaids idea of a gentleman".Regarding that dodgy question in Parliament and his lack of apology, Parrish says this:- "Wrong-footed, his good manners depart and snarls break through the politness".

Anonymous said...

Right wing loonies using a patsy?

No where have I heard that before......

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone on the left want to clock Rees Mogg one?

Leave him alone. His mere sight and sound is enough to demonstrate exactly what the tories are: Out of date thieving knob heads with a sense of entitlement.

He ought to be preserved in aspic. Like May and the rest of them.

Unknown said...

What was it the Nazis said about making it look like you are under attack and blame it on the left?