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Monday 5 February 2018

Rees Mogg LIED About White Shirt Man

Another day, another unravelling of the deceit peddled by Tory throwback Jacob Rees Mogg, the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog, and the right-leaning part of the Fourth Estate. We already knew that the fracas at the event where Rees Mogg was speaking last Friday was not caused by the Corbyn-supporting Momentum group: now we know the MP was lying about it, too.
The backstory is straightforward: Rees Mogg was speaking at the University of the West of England. A small but vocal group got into the auditorium and protested loudly. Rees Mogg - perhaps rather too nonchalantly - went over to reason with them. But there was no violence, and no scuffles, until an older man in a white shirt waded in and assaulted a young woman protestor. The Fawkes mob then called it as a Momentum hit.
This drove the press coverage. It also supplied the narrative for Tory chairman Brandon Lewis, as I’ll post later. But The Great Guido was, as so often, being selective and dishonest: there was no mention of White Shirt Man. That soon changed.

The thug who assaulted the young woman was identified as Paul Townsley, a martial arts enthusiast from nearby Yate. Rees Mogg declared that he did not know him. But then Townsley’s son William waded in clumsily, confirming that Dad had met the MP, and that he was the one involved in the melĂ©e, although excusing him with “It wasn’t a hit”.
Townsley junior’s apologia was as strange as it was unconvincing: “Listen mate that wasn’t a hit, I’ve sparred my dad and even light sparring he hits like a mule, I take it you don’t have a wife to go home to?” Odd attitude for an 18-year-old, but hey ho.
HE'S BEHIND YOU! (h/t @WillBlackWriter)

But we now know that Townsley junior was also being seriously economical with the actualité when he claimed that it was he who had taken Dad along to meet Rees Mogg. Images soon surfaced showing Townsley in the background when Rees Mogg was in front of the cameras. And then it got worse still.

Footage from an event in nearby Cheltenham showed Rees Mogg being confronted by, yes, more protestors, but also being escorted by someone from Eyewitness Protection, a security firm which specialises in close protection operations. Its management has Royal and diplomatic experience, and someone like Townsley, who is ex-armed forces (he served in the Royal Navy) and with martial arts expertise, would fit right in.
So perhaps the self-employed plumbing business wasn’t quite as lucrative as riding shotgun for Jake? It explains why Rees Mogg looked so calm and unflappable when he walked over to reason with the UWE protestors - he knew someone had his back. The problem he has now is that Paul Townsley clearly had anger management issues, and by lashing out and identifying himself, he has confirmed that the MP was lying.
Jacob Rees Mogg must now come clean and spell out exactly what he knows about the white shirted assailant. Because if he doesn’t, we will find out.


Arnold said...

From the start, it made no sense for Tree-Frogg not to have minders with him.

Anonymous said...

Guess how mainstream press and broadcast "news" will deal with this, and whether any of their "investigative journalists" will look in depth at Eyewitness Protection. Or for that matter at the "former British intelligence officer" up to his neck in the laughably obvious coup attempt against the itinerant unco-operative spiv oligarch in the White House.

TIP: Don't hold your breath.

Tales of the Rees Morgue said...

Skwarkbox latest: White Shirt Man In Nazi Uniform.
Come on MSM, it's time to catch up.

Debs FC said...

Yawn. Wrong, wrong and wrong. This distortion is also not the truth and everyone watching the video will see exactly what happened. Yawn

Ferdy Fox said...

The amphibian's another of those devious and cowardly little shits that hide behind the semantics of what is said. Maybe he didn't know him in the sense of being a friend or colleague but was always aware of him.
It enables him to both tell the truth and yet lie in the same words.

It's becoming more and more common with the current shower of pathetic excuses for humanity.
Thinks............does that make those that lie blatantly more honest?
Perish the thought.

Dynamo said...

I watched the video and saw exactly what happened. I've also seen other evidence. I dont know what the he'll youve been watching

Anonymous said...

David John EVANS
Sole owner of EYEWITNESS PROTECTION LTD JRM s body guard service.
Billman says: "In 1979 I had a call from a friend of mine that some of his friends coming out of the SAS

were going to form a company for VIP Security, training Drivers and Bodyguards and were interested to see if this “new” thing called Karate would be of any use to them."

"I eventually went into a company called Aegis Special Projects Ltd where I became a Director."

Aegis murky past In Iraq. Innocents. Sandline _ Tim Spicer ... Corbyn remonstrated. Nick Soames mp chairman... http://powerbase.info/index.php/Aegis_Defence_Services