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Friday 23 February 2018

Sun Won’t Drop Corbyn Spy Idiocy

The claims by former Czech diplomat Jan Sarkocy about his contacts with current Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in the late 1980s have been comprehensively debunked. Sarkocy has been exposed as a liar and a fantasist. One of the meetings he claimed to have had with Jezza cannot have taken place. Alleged historian Anthony Glees, by backing this foolish smear campaign, has also seen his credibility go south.
Worse for our free and fearless press, the claimed back-stop to all the smearing, the idea that there was a file held on Corbyn by the East German Stasi, because he once went on holiday there, has been shown to be false: there is no file in the archives. The Murdoch Sun is bust. Their sub-boot boy associates, the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog, are likewise bust. But they aren’t going to go quietly.

So while the rest of the world moves on, the Sun’s non-bullying political editor Tom Newton Dunn, whose own credibility has been shredded by the fiasco, has been prevailed upon to play the dog returning to his vomit. This time, rather than pointing at the Goddam Commies (tm), the Murdoch goons are laying into the CIA. Have a think about that one.

CIA Stasi files could be shielding names of British political informants and traitorsgasps the headline. And who is the expert witness willing to put his head above the parapet in the service of the Murdoch mafiosi? Have a guess: “'We will never know for sure who in Britain helped the Stasi, wittingly or otherwise, until the Rosenholz files are made public', believes Cold War expert Professor Anthony Glees”. Glees doesn’t know he’s beaten. Yet.

So what is the alleged beef in this piss-poor sandwich? “THE CIA and MI5 are secretly sitting on a giant cache of Stasi files that could be protecting British politicians, it has emerged … The US intelligence agency have the only surviving record of the defunct East German spy service’s list of foreign informants, collaborators and targets”.
Would Sir care to pony up a little of that inconvenient stuff known as evidence to back up this claim? “It is believed the huge swathe of 280,000 index cards - known as the Rosenholz files - were sold to American spooks for $1m by a Stasi officer when the country collapsed in 1989 … The CIA have kept it under lock and key at its Langley HQ ever since, after sharing it with their British counterparts”. It is believed. In quotes.

Then all that is needed is a photo of Corbyn with Diane Abbott, a little nudge and wink, and the willing endorsement of Glees, the history con artist who has already been shown to be a fraud. Thus the smear campaign goes on, and never mind that politicians on the left are laughing at the inmates of the Baby Shard bunker, while those on the right are looking away in silent embarrassment. This is pointless. Except to show how desperate the Sun is.

They scraped the bottom of the barrel so hard that they fell through. Now they’re digging away at the bedrock. No-one cares any more about the Corbyn spy claims. No-one will care what they dredge up in future. You played the game and lost, Murdoch clowns. Get over it.


Anonymous said...

Murdoch "laying into the CIA"?

If so, if I was him - and thank fate I'm not - I wouldn't be taking a walk through some woods like Doctor Kelly. Or taking a hike in the Highlands like Robin Cook. Or driving through Dallas in an open car. Or trying to form an independent-minded government anywhere. Unfortunate things seem to happen to people who attempt these manoeuvres.

But Rupert has never been known for his courage, so he'll probably be OK. MI5, MI6 and the CIA actually like compliant cowards.

Be a good idea, though, if he double checked his medication and toiletries. He's just the age for a cardiac arrest......

Pavi said...

Don't forget though Corbyns is a draft dodger as well as a red. How so I hear you say? Well, he deliberately failed to emigrate to the US in his late teens. Failed to become a naturalised citizen like the dirty digger and therefore neatly sidestepped receiving his draft papers and thus avoid going to fight the yellow man in Vietnam. Think of all the gooks he might have terminated if he wasn't such a peace-loving commie snowflake.
Just like Micheal Foot and Tony Benn* before him.
I have written this article on behalf of messers R. Littlebrain, P.Understains, Q. Wetts and P. Dacre. so it must be true.
Their names have been subtly changed to protect them from reprisals by you rotten lefties subversives, who MAY tm read this blog.
Long live Reeks-Bogg.
This message has been approved by Conservative Central Office and the Ministry of Truth.*
*Commissions taken for similar revelations.
* this does not mean to imply that Hilary (bomber) Ben is in any way implicated or associated with these traitors. Although Ben the elder did serve in the fleet air arm in WW2 but, that doesn't count when it comes to denouncing commie dissidents like him and Milliband's dad.

Mark said...

He can't die yet.

He needs 10 more years to watch his entire lifes work dismantled

A Wickham said...


It has been said, on many occasion, that I am merely the tea-boy.
It has also been said that the Guido team are seriously lacking in Oestrogen due to the employment of males.
For the record we would like it be known that I am partial to dressing up in a frock when the mood takes me.

So, instead of being "Merely The tea-boy", I am also known as "Mary the tea-boy"

Thanks for clearing that up. (No, not the rash. Guido hasn't seen his GP yet).