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Monday 26 February 2018

Leicester Explosion - Enter The Sickos

An explosion in a building in Leicester has left four people dead, and others injured. Emergency services are working to make the scene safe. Little more is known. But because this is a vibrant multicultural city, it has not taken long for the sickos to crawl out of the woodwork and assert that it’s the Scary Muslims (tm) making bombs.
Some of those stirring hatred have tens of thousands of Twitter followers; few have any regard for facts, or, indeed, the dead and injured. Take former BNP chief idiot Nick Griffin, who got the ball rolling by nudging and winking “Could just be a gas accident. But, there again, #Leicester is one of the most colonised cities in England, so a #Jihadi bomb factory might just have gone up!” Colonised. Jihadi. And that was only the beginning.
Another member of the brains trust claimed “Breaking: Leicester Hinckley Road  Londis flat explosion thought to be bomb factory no 2, hunted by police after 8 terrorists arrested when explosives found a hundred yards away in Daneshill Road five months ago. Cover story is ‘gas leak’ to avoid racial tensions”. Just make it up, stuff reality.
One moron - but a moron with 6,700 Twitter followers - asserted “Suspected Terrorist Bomb Makers just let a bomb off in #Leicester - clearly by mistake - 3 individuals + looked to be building a bomb but thankfully they weren’t skilled enough and likely blew themselves up or certainly injured themselves - wait for the Media to suggests gas leak”. To this, a moron with over 44,000 followers added “These stores in place like Leicester are usually run by muslims … Was this a bomb lab? Police are saying ‘gas leak’”.
You get the picture. Any more than 44,000 followers? How about 58,000? “No indications it is terror related .. other than the big bomb blast! (Bet they say gas explosion again lol)”. And another: “People have been asked not to speculate on the Leicester explosion, as if the Authorities are not. It could be gas and that ‘gas’ could be from a cylinder considering the violent nature and the ensuing [fire] Similar happened in Catalonia last year from Muslim bomb-makers”. Muslim bomb-makers. Wink. Nudge.
The stupidity continued. “My first thought upon reading this was not gas explosion. It was terrorist bomb factory” Tweeted one idiot “distrustful of MSM” (for which read “paranoid”). Another continued to make it up: “A likely terrorist attack - intelligence shows an uptick in chatter about a possible car bomb in the U.K. or E.U.” Intelligence my arse.
Only after this was some sanity injected: “would Isis bomb [a] Londis because they have raised the price of Ribena? Get a grip” said someone sensibly not buying the Sun. A terrorist incident “In a polish grocery store! What a cockwomble” said another.
One LCFC fan urged caution: “Major incident in #Leicester - looks like a gas explosion - calm down twitter, highly unlikely to be a bomb or terror attack! Praying there are no injuries or worse”. And Helen Knott, who actually lives in the city, expressed her disgust at the sickos: “This is my street, my community and my people and you know NOTHING about us. This is a diverse area with more nationalities living in harmony than ANYWHERE else in the UK. #Leicester is an example to the rest of the country in how to get it right!

The conspiracy idiocy is in full flow. Perhaps those on the media fringes who encourage this kind of paranoid stupidity might like to stop and think for a moment. Or maybe not.


Anonymous said...

Hopkins was at it as well. Obviously.

Stephen said...

I did like the way Griffin used an exclamation mark to turn his last phrase into a punchline.

Anonymous said...


Your closing paragraph got it nearly right.

The problem with mainstream media is that its far right extremists AREN'T "on the fringes". They are at the very core. Unless majority owned press and prime time broadcast news/politics are "on the fringes".

Since you spend a great deal of your time exposing them, I would have thought that rather obvious.

It's also one of the reasons "journalists" are held in such deep contempt, irrespective of the truth in the Leicester tragedy.