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Tuesday 13 February 2018

Katie Hopkins Grenfell Royal Sniping

Having been allowed out of South Africa, and realising that her claims about white farmers there are generating media coverage not unadjacent to zero, pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins has decided to try another tactic: attack Royalty. Or, more accurately, attack someone who is about to be Royalty. The problem for Hatey Katie is that this is another campaign which will turn out not necessarily to her advantage.
Viewers may still want to look away now

Today’s Daily Mirror has reported that Meghan Markle visited victims of the Grenfell Tower fire. “Meghan Markle has visited the Grenfell Tower site alone to ­comfort ­victims of the inferno … In an echo of Princess Diana’s charity work, she made the trips in secret. One resident said: ‘It means so much’”. And there was more.
Prince Harry ’s fiancee has twice been to comfort those affected by the inferno that left 71 people dead and a community shattered … The actress appeared at the Al Manaar community mosque, which lies in the shadow of the charred shell of Grenfell Tower at North Kensington, West London”. Did someone say Mosque?
Ms Hopkins was having none of that. For her, Mosque equals Scary Muslims (tm) equals terrorism. So it was that she swiftly denounced the future Royal. “Dear Christ, a budget Princess Di with an Oscar winning innocent face. The biggest victims of Grenfell are the taxpayer. Soon to be your employer honey bun”. And she was only getting warmed up.
Dear Sparkely-pants. Any chance you could meet with the victims of Islamic Extremists? Locations include Manchester, London Bridge, Westminster Bridge, Parsons Green, Woolwich...or does that not suit your political agenda?” There goes the false equivalence express once more. But not everyone was impressed.
One Tweeter asked if she had met any of the victims, and at this point the deflection, hypocrisy and brass neck converged: “Thank you. I was at the tower the following morning where locals confirmed up to 600 people were thought to live in the Tower, over 200 thought missing”. But we know exactly what she was at. And it wasn’t compassion.
What she was about was hate speech, pure and simple. Like claiming maliciously4 in 5 residents from #GrenfellTower are still in hotel accommodation because they are holding out for luxury flats. Dry your tears of sympathy” and “The locals from the tower I spoke to said it was not a fridge, but an open hot oil cooker - for breaking Ramadan fast”.
That was not all: soon after those totally untrue claims came “WIN 2 yrs free accommodation. Make like a Grenfeller, import your ‘cousins’ & live rent free till July 2019. Text FIRE to ‘0800 free shit’” and “CHRISTMAS BONUS: British pensioners / war widows £10 … Illegal migrants of Grenfell £130 per head” (illegal migrants don’t get benefits - you can’t if you’re here illegally). Malice and bigotry, hate speech, incitement, and worse.

Nobody wanted to take any notice of her then. Nobody is interested in her Whitey Power propaganda from South Africa. The only reason there was any interest in her having to sell her house to help pay her legal bills was to look at how gauche the decor was.

So now Katie Hopkins has to attack a future Royal. That won’t work, either. Sad, really.


Anonymous said...

Hopkins will soon drown in her own rabid spit.

The woman has clearly gone completely gaga.

Arnold said...

"Dear Christ". From my limited knowledge of the New Testament, he wouldn't have shared her views.

john riches said...

'Nobody wanted to take any notice of her then. Nobody is interested in her Whitey Power propaganda from South Africa. The only reason there was any interest in her having to sell her house to help pay her legal bills was to look at how gauche the decor was.'

Tim, with the greatest respect, stop taking an interest in her then. Leave her alone. It's 'notice' - whether for or against - that fuels her bile.

Anonymous said...

Apart from Hopkins and the Oxfam (mysteriously delayed) scandal, isn't it about now we get an "opinion poll" showing the tories "ten points ahead"?

You know, like before the last election.

Either that or the tory propaganda rags urging their fruitloop "readers" to "Kill Jezza".

Democracy. If only we had it in place of the capitalist state.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she moved to her self perceived safe ground, dumping on subjects who can't or won't call in m' learned friends

A Kelly said...

Forget Katie Hopkins, you don't believe this tosh peddled about Meghan Markle been making secret visits to "comfort the victims"?

Anonymous said...

Despite her evil, nasty diatribes, this woman needs to be ignored. Giving her the oxygen of publicity drives her on. This is the way of the narcissist.Hopefully soon she will fade into obscurity and be a bad memory.

Anonymous said...

Reading between the lines, would Hopkins have been happier if it had been a patriotic British chip pan fire?