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Tuesday 27 February 2018

Migrant Hating Bigot IS A MIGRANT

Through Jacob Rees Mogg’s ill-advised attendance at its annual gathering, the presence of the Traditional Britain Group is moderately well-known, as is its representative Gregory Lauder-Frost, who likes to give the impression of being a Brit through and through, and a noble one at that. But research by a Zelo Street source has shown that Lauder-Frost is not of noble stock, and was not born in Britain. He is, whisper it quietly, a migrant.
He's not a Lauder - he's a very naughty boy

And considering the stance of his group, that puts him in what Spike Milligan might have called A Very Difficult Position. Immigration is a TBG staple: indeed, in 2013, his keynote address was on “Immigration and the threat to the nation”. In 1990 he told the Telegraph “Most of the refugees [to Britain] are economic migrants, and the government should deport them as soon as possible”. Migrants are, for him, A Very Bad Thing.
The man from TBG was not even born Gregory Lauder-Frost, but plain Gregory Frost (his younger brother, Stephen Frost, died in 1997). Nor was his connection to the entertainer Harry Lauder any more than tenuous. Let’s start back with his mother’s grandfather.

Gregory Lauder-Frost’s mother had a grandfather called Matt Lauder, who was the brother of Harry Lauder. But while one brother went on to fame as an entertainer, Matt was registered in the 1901 census as a “Coal miner hewer” living in Hamilton, near Glasgow.
Whatever will Jacob think, caught sitting with a pretentious commoner?

Matt Lauder had a son, also called Matt. They emigrated to Australia, but by the early 1920s had emigrated again, this time to the west coast of the USA.

In 1924, Matt Junior married Elsie Myee Upfold, an Australian, in Los Angeles. Their daughter Cecily Lauder was born there in 1925. She was Gregory Lauder-Frost’s mother.
Oh the irony

And although Matt Lauder Junior became a US citizen in 1930, the family later emigrated once more, this time back to Australia. Matt Junior was on the electoral register in New South Wales by 1943. And it was in that part of the world that his daughter married.

Cecily Lauder married Wallace Frost, described on the marriage certificate as a “Boilermaker”, in Newcastle, NSW, in April 1948. Their second son Gregory was born there in 1951. Born plain Gregory Frost. To a family comprised mainly of economic migrants. And not in Mayfair, as he likes to claim nowadays.
To Cecily and Wal, Gregory Frost, delivered in a Salvation Army maternity hospital in Mereweather, Newcastle, NSW. And not anywhere near Mayfair

Lauder-Frost likes to tell the tale that he was born in his maternal grandfather’s house in central London. This is bunk. A scan of the electoral rolls for Westminster up to 1965 does not show a single instance of anyone called Lauder.

As to the Harry Lauder heritage, the great entertainer’s son died in the Great War, his wife died before he did, and the estate passed to his niece, who was not a direct relation of Lauder-Frost. After she passed away, it was auctioned off.
So there you have it: the head of the anti-migration Traditional Britain Group, who want to revoke the passports of economic migrants, is a migrant himself, not British by birth, and from a family composed significantly of economic migrants.

You really couldn’t make it up. But plain Gregory Frost from Oz has done just that.


Anonymous said...

Your story show that the Lauder-Frosts made quite a habit of migration.
More than one relocation per generation.

Anonymous said...

I suspect the Traditional Britain Group follow one well-known tradition of the extreme right.

"He's all right as long as he's white".

Anonymous said...

Nothing unusual in this.

When the Aliens Act was introduced at the beginning of the 20th century some of its most enthusiastic promoters were migrants, particularly the Irish.

Irrational fear knows no bounds.

Anonymous said...

Are you afraid to publish my comments? A few home truths? I don't know GLF but I hope he deals with you.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I sit on two charity boards with Mr Lauder-Frost. I have not spoken to him about your blog which was shown to me by someone else. Please could you advise me:
(1) When and where did he say he "hates" immigrants?
(2) What in your eyes constitutes a "bigot"?
(3) Where and when did he specifically say he was born in Mayfair?
(4) His family appear to me to be constantly on the move like so many expats. I have never heard of anyone "emigrating" every 5, 10. or 20 years.
(5) Is there substantive evidence that his family are no 100% British?
(6) Before Thatcher there was not a requirement to be on an electoral role unless you wanted to take part in an election. Is it your view that every occupant of every house in the kingdom should be on one?

(7) My comment: before anyone is accepted as a trustee on the four charities I sit on a vet is carried out on the individual. Mr Lauder-Frost's educational details were checked and copies of his passport taken for the files. It was a British passport, his name Lauder-Frost. Presumably this must correspond with his birth certificate. His senior and tertiary education was in the UK from the age of 12.

Given the above you "exposé" seems to have little purpose other than a 'faction' story to create "hate" for Mr Lauder-Frost and anyone associated with him, which I understand is now against the law. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Having checked this out for myself Gregory Lauder-Frost's family are 100% British. Not a shadow of doubt. Unless you are saying they are Aborigines? My own brother was born in Malaya. You would argue that when he came back to the homeland he was an Asian? I have friends who were second and third generation born in India. When Mrs Ghandi threw them all out and they came back to Britain are you saying they were Indians, not Britons?
Fancy saying that the Great-Nephew of Sir Harry Lauder is no relation. Sir Harry and his next brother, Lauder-Frost's great grandfather , married sisters. That makes him doubly-related doesn't it?

Never have I seen such a petty vindictive post anywhere as this.

Anonymous said...

i have just read your blog and find it intresting and i would like to add that sir harry lauder had a child before he was married and kept in touch with the mother margret stewart reid .the grandparents brought the child up grand parents name anne murry reid and robert reid looked after young james whose father was harry lauder and harry kept in touch through out his life till his first grand son was born .i know this because i am a decendant of james and just a note harry lauders wife nance knew about james reid harry s son , as she also knew marget reid

Unknown said...

To read the full details about harry Lauder's first born son James Reid you can Google " Did Harry Lauder have two sons"?