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Tuesday 6 February 2018

Katie Hopkins Can’t Come Home

Failed, disgraced and indebted pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins lost her column in the Murdoch Sun, lost her berth at Mail Online, lost her LBC radio show, lost the libel action brought against her by writer and campaigner Jack Monroe, and lost what was left of her credibility when she backed the motley convocation of racist bigots trying to interfere with the rescue of refugees in the Mediterranean Sea.
Viewers may still want to look away now

So, with nowhere else to turn, Ms Hopkins went full racist apologist and flew off to South Africa to endorse the dubious campaign which is telling the world that white farmers are being deliberately and systematically murdered. That there is no reliable evidence that this group is being disproportionately targeted did not matter: they were white, and there were plenty of people around who were not white who could be blamed.
The false premise of her trip to South Africa

As I posted last December, current statistics show that whites are far less likely to be murdered than other groups. This did not prevent Ms Hopkins from cosying up to Apartheid deniers and white supremacists in her quest to portray whites as an oppressed and indeed persecuted group. Included in her new circle of friends is Steve Hofmeyr, who claims that blacks were the true architects of Apartheid.
Did she really pal up with the likes of him ...

But what did not occur to Hatey Katie was that the authorities in South Africa might take exception to her stirring up race hatred. After all, she’s got away with it for long enough in the UK, and indeed the USA. Sadly, when she presented herself at the airport for her flight back home to the UK, she found the authorities had indeed taken exception.
... yes she did. Not a good look

As the Mirror has now told, “Katie Hopkins has had her passport confiscated and been prevented from leaving South Africa after being accused by the country's authorities of 'spreading racial hatred’ … The unpopular media pundit, who has had a dramatic week after collapsing in the street and taking ketamine for an agonising shoulder dislocation, revealed she's been temporarily banned from getting on her flight home”.
Was this true? Ms Hopkins confirmed it was: “I was detained at Joburg airport & had my passport confiscated on the orders of the ANC, trying to prevent me ENTERING the country. The slaughter of whites is a truth they don’t want told”. What “slaughter of whites”? She pals around with the likes of Hofmeyr and other Whitey Power backers, she gives the authorities good reason to ask her to have a word. Which they are doing.
So she is now a victim, Tweeting her videoed thoughts along with the claim “Detained at passport control on the orders of the @MYANC. Amazing security co-ordination from a country where police do not respond to white farm murders because they are ‘on lunch break’”. It’s true! Hatey Katie is being stopped from returning to the UK!

Sadly, though, she’ll be released and returned to Britain, where she’ll use the experience to pretend she’s a victim, and make money off the back of it.

In the meantime, though, she isn’t coming home. Just rejoice at that news.


Anonymous said...

Oh irony.

If only she ended up in the cell occupied by Nelson Mandela, and for the same period.

Frankly, I'd laugh my socks down as she rotted away.

What a disgusting piece of unhinged racist detritus she is.

Arnold said...

Foreigners. Coming here and taking advantage of our health service.

Anonymous said...

How much do we owe them?

Pavi said...

She looks contagious to me, so will need to be put in quarintine. Are there any suitable kennels near you Tim?

ISKRA said...

For a moment, I doubted my Atheism and prayed Hatey would see the inside of an overcrowded South African prison..

Jonathan said...

Shame the South African authorities didn't send her to a secure psychiatric hospital.

A Kelly said...

To go to South Africa and shout the rubbish Katie has been saying is like her going to Germany and telling everyone the Nazis were the best thing to happen to them. What a wally. (Actually, she will probably do that next.)

Stephen said...

She can never go home
Dhe can never go home
Stranded in South A[frica]
Nothing to go home for
Just another Brit in the bar
Hernandez Fiendish comes over to me
Offers a job as broadcaster
That's how I came to be....

"Good riddance to my native country
It never did a thing for me
It's a better life here
And I am not a traitor..."

(Mark E Smith (nearly))