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Tuesday 20 February 2018

Corbyn Smears - Bullying The Beeb

The propagation of Fake News occasionally encounters that insurmountable hurdle called reality - where the faux rage of confected headlines comes up against media organisations unwilling to participate in pulling the wool over the eyes of the public. So it is with the defamatory claims made against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and his alleged meetings with a Czech diplomat in the late 1980s, and the BBC.
Right-leaning newspapers, pundits, and other sundry hangers-on have been as one on the claims, pushing them relentlessly, despite it slowly dawning on the rest of the world that someone here is stretching the story way beyond the limits of elasticity. But they have failed to persuade the Beeb that this is other than lame propagandising - and it is not in the Corporation’s remit to peddle Tory Party propaganda.

What to do? Simples. The boot boys of the Fourth Estate had to be summoned to administer the appropriate punishment beating. They had decreed that the cod Corbyn story be considered as news; therefore the BBC must be bent to their will. And by the most fortunate of coincidences, all the attacks on the Beeb came yesterday.

The Murdoch Sun, as so often with the nastiest boot boy tactics, went first, telling readersCorbyn’s supporters claim it happened a long time ago or rubbish our story as ‘fake news’ - conveniently ignoring the documents we published [which prove absolutely Sweet Jack] … The BBC haven’t been much better. They have either ignored the story or laughed it off as the latest harmless episode in the colourful adventures of Jolly Jezza, rather than another example of his terrible judgment”. Then came the Mail.
Here, it was Stephen “Miserable Git” Glover who had been selected by the Vagina Monologue to go over the top. “Far more worrying is the way the all-powerful BBC has hitherto avoided Sarkocy’s allegations, which have been met with vehement denials by the Labour Party. If you relied on our public service broadcaster for your news, as about half the nation does, you wouldn’t know anything about ‘Cob’” he sniffs.

You’d know little more from the Mail. But do go on. “All I can find on Auntie’s voluminous website is a tiny mention of a newspaper report … it can be fairly stated that the BBC has done its utmost not to give this story wider circulation”. Because it’s a pack of lies from start to finish, perhaps? But there was a third member of the bully triumvirate to come.

Yes, the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog also had their orders, so out cameThe BBC News website still hasn’t covered the Agent COB spy scandal more than a week after it first broke”, followed by “Never mind the very serious questions Corbyn has to answer about his judgment and what information he passed the Czechs”. An old copy of a Sunday newspaper. Just f*** right off, O Great Guido.

It’s not the BBC’s job to validate defamatory propaganda for the panicked right wing, just to compensate for the bozoid bankruptcy of the Brexiteers, the teetering state of local Government after eight years of relentless cuts, the mess in the NHS and our overstretched emergency services. So they are right not to do so.

The Corbyn smears are Fake News. The public has figured that out. End of story.


Bob said...

If the BBC ran a discredited single source story as their headline news item for four days out of five as the Daily Mail has, the press would rightly be in uproar. But put the boot on the other foot…

Life, The Universe and Everything said...

Well they've addressed it now, big time. Andrew Neil completely smashed the story to pieces on the Daily Politics. Andrew Neil. That's how ridiculous this was that Andrew Neil, arch Tory himself completely finished this story off.