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Saturday 17 February 2018

UKIP Sacks Bolton

And so the remaining followers of the motley convocation of saloon bar propper-uppers otherwise known as UKIP descended on the unsuspecting city of Birmingham, where an Extraordinary General Meeting had been called on the subject of the party’s leadership. Under-fire Henry Bolton, his racist publicity stunt girlfriend, and his interestingly-crafted CV, faced rebellion from what passed for the party rank and file.
Bolton had one card up his sleeve - he had been endorsed by Nigel “Thirsty” Farage, who had said “‘for all his faults’, removing him would hasten UKIP's path to ‘irrelevance’”. Moreover, as the BBC has reported, “Mr Farage has warned the party - which won 12.6% of the vote in the 2015 general election but has been in a tailspin ever since - was in danger of ‘collapsing’ and it might be ‘too late to save it’”.

Party general secretary Paul Oakley, who is going soon as the Kippers can’t afford to pay him - or indeed other officials - told “I have no interest whatsoever in his personal life … For me, it's the fact that he's done nothing as leader, he's not making the case for Brexit … We've done nothing. Henry will be out after the local elections if he isn't out today”.

The problem for UKIP - quite apart from the party not even looking good enough to occupy a clown car - is the unappealing prospect of who might come next. The Beeb states “Several senior figures, including former leader Lord Pearson, have called on party officials to prepare for the future by uniting behind MEP Gerard Batten as interim leader, should Mr Bolton lose the vote”. But Batten is not known as Adolf von Batten for nothing. He is an unreconstructed bigot. A rabid Islamophobe. And probably a full-blown fascist.

So what happened? The party hasn’t got the money to support its current staff, and probably not enough to hold another leadership contest. No matter. The Kippers, adopting an uncannily lemming-like attitude, voted by a 63% majority to not only show Bolton the door, but instruct him to walk through it and out of the leadership. The BBC has claimedThe party will announce an interim leader later and an leadership election will take place within 90 days”. But by then, the party may well be over.

Adolf von Batten has been backed by the likes of Bill “Viagra and Golliwogs” Etheridge, who himself has been palling around with the group which attempted an amateurish citizen’s arrest of London Mayor Sadiq Khan recently, taking along a gallows on a car trailer. The White Pendragons were up for a lynching. That is the level of the next group waiting in the wings to take over UKIP. So it looks like “Back to the BNP”.

That is, of course, providing they manage to find £200,000 behind a convenient sofa soon in order to pay for the court judgment over MEP Jane Collins libelling three Labour MPs. The air of unreality also shows that Farage has finally lost his hold on the Kippers - it was widely believed that his endorsement won the leadership for Bolton - and that without Nige, UKIP is nothing. Fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists - Young Dave was right.

And I do hope the venue where today’s latest instalment in the UKIP farce insisted on cash in advance. They wouldn’t want to be handed a rubber cheque, after all.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Nigel's back in the frame then.

Comedy gold. Wonderful scenes.

SimonB said...

I understand the more rational kippers have joined to tories and are backing Rees-Mogg. Surely this is Dave's ultimate legacy?

Anonymous said...

The sight of bailiffs seizing goods from Kipper HQ in Newton Abbot on TV, should be the perfect epitaph for UKIP and Farage.