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Friday 9 February 2018

Mail Claims EU Jewish Conspiracy

While bosses at the increasingly desperate and downmarket Telegraph told their staff at an all hands meeting yesterday afternoon that their front page attack on George Soros, in which the Hungarian Government’s batshit and borderline anti-Semitic conspiracy theories were used to stand up the narrative, was not anti-Semitic, honestly, word had gone out from the legendarily foul mouthed Paul Dacre to Mail hacks to do a follow-up.
So it has come to pass that today’s Mail headline screams “With man who broke Bank of England set to pour MORE cash into campaign that threatens to bring down Mrs May … FURY OVER BILLIONAIRE’S PLOT TO SABOTAGE BREXIT”. This is backed up by a thunderous editorial denunciation, and two further articles that echo the tactics used when the Mail went after the memory of the late Ralph Miliband.

The usual Tory talking heads are present in the headline article, as is the determination to maintain focus on Soros’ donations, and well away from the millions that poured into the Leave campaign. Soros is denounced as an interfering foreigner, while the thought that much of the Leave campaign’s millions came from outside the UK is not allowed to enter.
What's f***ing anti-Semitic about kicking Goldman Sachs, c***?!?!?

Backing up the front page rant is Guy Adams, the hatchet job purveyor whose name on the by-line indicates the personal approval, and indeed direction, of the Vagina Monologue. He wheels out the usual smears: “meddling in day-to-day politics [not like the Mail, eh?] … left-leaning causes … immigration law, legalise drugs … Europhile … moneyed elite … Elected by no-one [hello Paul Dacre] … Davos … gilded existence … vindictive … luxury lifestyle … foreign interloper … undermine democracy”. Whistle those doggies!

But the most problematic part of the Mail’s Soros attack is to devote a whole article to claiming Goldman Sachs are part of the supposed conspiracy. Disloyal and rootless Jew plus Jewish bankers - classic anti-Semitic tropes. So the Mail deploys the same tactic it used when attacking Ralph Miliband. Then, it was to get Geoffrey Levy to write the attack. This time, it is to get Alex Brummer to write the Goldman Sachs piece.
George Soros

As with the Miliband denunciation, the Mail can now present itself to the rest of the media and proclaim that it cannot be anti-Semitic, because the article is written by a Jewish author (Brummer was, along with Jon Steafel, wheeled out during the Ralph Miliband furore to demonstrate how the Mail was not anti-Semitic, honestly).

And what evidence does Brummer pony up to justify the headline “Goldman Sachs - the firm that puts money over morals - is linked to the George Soros Brexit sabotage operation”? All he can manage, before launching into a tirade of abuse at the organisation, is “one of those at the dinner was Stephen Peel, a former Goldman Sachs investment banker and backer of the Best for Britain group”. A FORMER Goldman Sachs banker.

The use of “rootless and disloyal Jew”, juxtaposed with “Jewish bankers” will ring alarm bells. That is why Dacre has instructed Alex Brummer to put his name to the Goldman article and so provide cover for the exercise. It will convince no-one.

Our free and fearless press is so desperate when it comes to all things Brexit that it has now veered across the anti-Semitism line. The Mail is a disgrace. No change there, then.


Anonymous said...

Is the Heil still ranting on about this?

By now the "news" room will be covered in rabid foam. Outside, a brigade of white coats are on standby. Straitjackets will be issued.

It really has become an even more squalid rag. There's nothing "neo" about its Nazism. For examples of which, see Volkischer Beobachter and Der Sturmer. Dacre even begins to look and sound like Julius Streicher.

And they said it couldn't happen here......

Arnold said...

According to the Mail, he held a clandestine dinner in London. Similar to the May/Dacre ones at No 10, I imagine