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Wednesday 21 February 2018

Guido Fawked - Corbyn Stasi File ISN’T

Once again, the old adage that something which looks too good to be true probably is too good to be true comes into play, this time on the subject of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and information held on him by the former East German security services, the Stasi. As the claims by former Czech diplomat Jan Sarkocy have unravelled, the right-leaning part of the press has clung on to their faith in this catch-all back stop.
The Murdoch Sun told readersAN EAST German secret police file on Jeremy Corbyn is being kept under lock and key … It was drawn up when he was granted access by the state in the 1970s”. The Mail declaredTheresa May demands Jeremy Corbyn authorise the release of his 'Stasi file' after he was named in a foreign spy dossier as a contact for a Czech agent”. The Telegraph warnedJeremy Corbyn is under mounting pressure to authorise the release of Cold War files kept on him by the Stasi”.

There was a certainty here: the Stasi had a file on Jezza, and the press knew that it could be opened by his request. How did they know this, and why was it the Sun which was so certain of its ground? Ah well. We did not have long to wait for the answer, after the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog piped up.
Under the heading “What The Stasi Archivist Told Guido About Corbyn In 2016”, readers not yet asleep are toldThis was the response sent by the Stasi Records Agency (BStU) to Guido when he asked for Corbyn’s file way back in 2016”. Yes? Yes yes? Yes yes yes?

There is a way personal data about holders of political office can be released … ‘if the persons concerned have given their written consent specifying the name of the applicant, the project and the persons who will carry it out’ … Corbyn has the chance to clear his name if he tells the BStU he is happy for them to release his file”.
There was even a gloating “So Jeremy, if you could just sign a consent form for us we’ll clear this all up”. But there was one teensy problem with what the Fawkes massive had learned: what they had been told depends on the Stasi having held a file on the person concerned in the first place. And the Guardian had bad news for The Great Guido.
The German authorities responsible for the Stasi archive on Tuesday said they had found no documents on Corbyn. This included all files that can’t be released publicly for privacy protection reasons, spokesman Matthias Dziomba said”. There is no Stasi file on Corbyn.

Let me repeat that loudly and slowly: THERE IS NO STASI FILE ON JEREMY CORBYN.

The Fawkes rabble have bet their credibility on a document that does not exist. It is almost certain that their connection with the Murdoch mafiosi is why the Sun was so certain there was a file - because the Fawkes mob claimed to have made enquiries about it two years ago. But their enquiries clearly did not include confirmation that a file actually existed.
Zelo Street has told for some time that the Fawkes blog was a borderline Fake News site. There was good reason for this caution. Now the mainstream press knows it.

The Fawkes Corbyn Stasi claims are another pack of lies. Another fine mess, once again.


Ferdy Fox said...

Hmmmm! Invent a file and then ask someone to open it. Wonderful investigative journalism. Just shows how desperate this shower of incompetents is getting.
Why they'll even be telling us next that they've just discovered that the university fees they set are unfair and too high. And they've only just noticed. And after assuring us for years that they were perfectly fair.
Who would have thought it?
The sooner this bunch of liars, spivs and cheats are chucked out on their fat arses, the better.

Unknown said...

It's actually better for them that there is no file. They'll continue demanding that Corbyn authorises its release forever to give the impression that there's a secret in his past that he's trying to cover up.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for the author of this piece, even The Guardian has spoken of there being a file... they call it a "sub file". They have spoken to "experts" who have reviewed the papers.

"Daniela Richterová, a politics and international studies researcher at the University of Warwick, said the files showed the Labour leader was never a “witting source”. “We know how the process of arranging a collaboration works,” she said. There was “no evidence” Corbyn was recruited during four meetings with Sarcozy, she added.

Richterová said foreign agents working for the StB received their own dedicated file. The material on Corbyn, by contrast, was a “sub-file”. It had a different classification from that of a “knowing collaborator”."

So it appears that a file, or "sub file" does indeed exist, albeit suggesting that Corbyn was not a spy or a recruited agent. That of course does not mean he did not pass information.

Corbyn needs to clear this up by agreeing to have the "sub file" released.

Tim Fenton said...


Unfortunately for the author of that comment, the file being referred to in this post is that allegedly held by the former East German Stasi.

The file you are referring to is that held by the former Czech security agencies.

Know the difference, as they say.

Unknown said...

The biggest indicator that this is all bollocks is that Corbyn would have had to pass extensive security vetting to be a member of the Privy Council.

Anonymous said...

To borrow a nearby quote. "A bunch of fucking morons"

Anonymous said...

It's the job of "intelligence" agencies everywhere to compile files and "psychological profiles" on political leaders internal and external. It's one of their main functions and has been since Walsingham.

What a genuine democrat wouldn't give to have open access to such files at MI5, MI6 and GCHQ! You'll never get it of course......because it tells you just as much about the mindset of the compilers as it does of the subjects. As do, for instance, releases under the 30 Years Rule demonstrate just how secretively evil and hypocritical were the Thatcher puppet years.

Peter Wright revealed the kind of far right nutjobs who infest British "intelligence" agencies. If anything, they've got a good deal worse since. As have their "assets" in British media.

Sam Best said...

There would be so-called "sub files" on everyone involved in British public life.
Corbyn should be demanding Rupert Murdoch release his "sub file". Along with all the Tory Grandees who still have influence.
This is so much garbage but you can see how some 'bot' style posters are even posting comments on here in an effort to create dissension.
This is quickly blowing up in their face and they are desperate to at least get some sort of impact out of it.
Falling flat by the minute.