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Friday 9 February 2018

Sun Soros Nazi Smear BUSTED

Rather than shake their heads at the idiocy of the increasingly desperate and downmarket Telegraph indulging in the recycling of anti-Semitic tropes in order to kick anyone not enthusiastically embracing Brexit, the Murdoch goons at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun have decided to join the party. After all, it’s all about George Soros, he’s a Remain supporter, and so he’s fair game for a good kicking.
So it was that a whole slew of articles were cobbled together overnight, typified bySOROSLY? Hungarian billionaire George Soros told to ‘stay out of British politics’ after admitting £700,000 pro-EU donations … Hungarian billionaire, who 'broke the Bank of England', was rounded on by furious Brexit backers after his aides owned up to funding a number of anti-Brexit groups”. There was even a condemnatory editorial.
This has the benefit of making no sense at all: “Remain has billionaire George Soros, but it just makes them more hypocritical with their propaganda campaign that only amounts to a tantrum … They even claim the referendum result was never meant to be final and it only discredits them more”. The inmates of the Baby Shard bunker clearly have difficulty with unusual phrases such as “Advisory Referendum”.
But even this was not enough to satisfy the demands of those on the 13th floor, and so Hugo Gye has authored yet another slice of Soros bashing, which was published this morning at 0910 hours. This is titled “BREXIT BASHER How a billionaire with powerful pals, a wife half his age and a track record for helping to overthrow governments is planning to halt Brexit … George Soros, 87, has pumped millions of pounds into supporting political causes around the world - and his latest mission is to keep Britain in the EU”. But that was the headline at 1006 hours, not the original.
Spot the difference - 0933 hours ...

Happily - but maybe not for Tony Gallagher’s accident-prone reign as Sun editor - someone took a screen shot of the 0933 version of the headline, which looks very different, and in view of Murdoch boot boy Trevor Kavanagh’s unfortunate echoing of Nazi-era language by talking of “The Muslim Problem”, does not reflect well on the paper.
... swiftly changed by 1010 hours

So what’s the problem with the earlier version of Hugo Gye’s headline? Well, the wording is almost exactly the same, except for the first two words. There, instead of “BREXIT BASHER”, readers were originally served up the description “PUPPET MASTER”.
Jewish Puppet Master. Now where have we seen that before? Well, it’s a smear used against George Soros many times, including by the right wing in the USA, claiming that he was behind the election of Barack Obama, and the more recent campaign of Hillary Clinton. But the most infamous use of the idea was by the Nazis. Against Jews.
That’s why the use of the phrase “Puppet Master” when applied to someone who is Jewish is loaded. There is no way it can be misinterpreted; there is no wriggle room for getting out of it. The Murdoch press is so eager to kick someone whose actions might expose the emptiness of their boss’s crusade that they have gone way beyond the pale.

No wonder the headline got changed. Sadly for the Sun, it wasn’t changed quickly enough.


Andrew King said...

I’m struggling to understand why a Murdoch-owned title would object to “a billionaire with powerful pals, a wife half his age and a track record for helping to overthrow governments.”

Isn’t Rupert Murdoch a billionaire?

Hasn’t he spent time and money courting “powerful pals” in the countries where he operates (time was when senior politicians in the UK couldn’t afford to snub an invitation to hob-nob with the Murdoch minions)?

Doesn’t he have a penchant for marrying much younger women (Jerry Hall may not be “half his age”, but she is a quarter century his junior and Wendi Deng was about 37 years younger)?

As for “overthrowing governments” his titles used to boast about their power to influence our politics (“It was the Sun wot won it”). Are we seriously expected to believe that Murdoch press have suddenly developed with a principled objection to foreigners meddling in UK politics, some time since Rupert Murdoch (born Australia, naturalised US citizen) said “When I go into Downing Street they do what I say; when I go to Brussels they take no notice.”?

Buy one anti-semitic dog whistle and the Sun will throw in a family-sized bucket of steaming hypocrisy FREE!

Anonymous said...

When oligarchs fall out......

Like the tories picnicking on each other.

Doubtless if Soros supported Brexit none of the Murdoch/Rothermere goon squad would have bovvered him. Then it would simply be a matter of spivs and barrow boys together.

After the Holocaust, almost incredible that even the London press goons would attack Soros because he's Jewish.

Almost......Until you remember just how far right are the crackpot perpetrators. And just how utterly corrupt they are.

Anonymous said...

One of the most important agents of the Rothschild family is George Soros. By portraying himself as a “great benefactor”, he helped the reforms in Eastern Europe. https://www.veteranstoday.com/2016/12/04/jacob-rothschild-is-guilty-for-the-conspiracy-against-humankind/ #Soros

nparker said...

Anonymous 18:52, no one wants your fevered Nazi little antisemitic conspiracy theories, you'll have to go back to 1930s Germany ya little antisemitic loon.