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Tuesday 28 June 2016

Sun Blames Remain Voters

Having spent Monday piling on the jingoism, the Murdoch mafiosi at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun, seeing that there was a growing amount of hate crime being directed at anyone who was not speaking English, and many who were not white, then realising that they might get blamed for incitement, has decided to call off its readership attack dogs and direct their anger elsewhere, while all the time claiming the moral high ground.
The poisonous influence of the Murdoch press has undoubtedly been a contributory factor in the wave of unpleasantness directed against eastern Europeans, and indeed anyone else who is not deemed to look and sound “White English”. Some with Stateside accents have been asked when they are packing their bags. Mosques have seen hostile demonstrations. Restaurants have had windows smashed.

But the Murdoch shilling-takers want us all to know that it is all someone else’s fault. None of the nasty brown sticky stuff is going to stick to the Baby Shard bunker, not if they can help it. Hence today’s Sun editorial telling readers “The Sun today calls on Brits of all creeds, colours and race - Leavers and Remainers - to come together for the good of the country … We are appalled at reports of racist abuse in the wake of last week’s EU vote, and utterly condemn attempts to provoke division in our society”.
Not that this will have much effect, when the Sun has already defined those on the receiving end of the abuse as not being part of “our society”, of course. Nor can the paper escape its share of responsibility by shamelessly dumping on those it championed: “it’s the duty of the leaders of the Leave movement - namely Boris Johnson and Michael Gove - to reaffirm that EU migrants currently in work, and foreign students studying in Britain, are welcome in this country”. But they’ve both gone to ground.

Then comes the really nasty part. “The social media echo chamber which convinced Remainers they were on course for victory, now goads them to pour bile on the dispossessed working class they once claimed to care about … The vast majority of Leave voters are not racist, stupid or easily-led. The fact they are accused of it exposes the bigotry and snobbery of too many Remainers”.

Who is “pouring bile on the dispossessed working class”? Who is saying they are all racist or stupid? Those who voted Remain are not making any such accusation. But the Murdoch press is making damn sure that thought is planted in the minds of their readership. Bad things have resulted from last week’s vote? We’ll tell you who’s to blame, readers!

And guess what, readers? It’s not us! It’s not the weeks, months, and years of front page stories ranting about Migrants, Muslims, Brussels, people talking foreign, foreigners telling us what to do, foreigners behind all your problems, people who aren’t like you coming here and taking things from you, sponging off you, making you second-class citizens in your own country. Oh no, Sun readers, the people who fill you up with that bile aren’t to blame.

No, Sun readers, it’s those who voted Remain. So leave off the foreign-speaking people, and all those brown and black people, and take your anger out of them. Because they say you’re all stupid racists. They’re the real bigots. They’re the real snobs.

The Sun - inciting division and hatred since 1969. Stay classy, Murdoch doggies.


Anonymous said...

Who in their sanity would buy that disgusting rag or believe a word of its neofascist propaganda. I'd hesitate to put it with the rest of the garbage because it might make it reek even more.

What a bunch of cowards they are, owners, information clerks and employees alike. They stink out what's left of British culture. Rotten to the core.

rob said...

@ Anon

And you can add Desmond's Express and Rothermere's Mail to your stinkiest garbage pile. The problem is that readers don't necessarily buy these rags/comics for the politics content. The political angles just creep insidiously into their brain whilst they assidiously check their latest sports pages.

(Possibly not a coincidence that many rascists are also "football supporters" just there for the aggro - see the Channel 4 undercover report from France)

Our press, especially the tabloids, and media have a lot to answer for. It's not just the politicians, on all sides, who have let the country down.

As Desmond might say, culture, what is this word culture?

Arnold said...

"Racists really enjoying their new mandate from the public"
Newsthump is branching out into real news as well as satire.


Blackout said...

"'The vast majority of Leave voters are [...] easily-led.'"