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Saturday 18 June 2016

Don’t Menshn Jo Cox

After the brutal murder of Labour MP Jo Cox outside her constituency surgery last Thursday, the best thing to happen in the circumstances would be for all those who have spent the past few weeks ratcheting up the rhetoric to pull back, take a deep breath, have a quiet moment, and tone it down. Sadly, what happened was that one of the loudest ranters decided to just carry on campaigning - only more loudly.
Yes, jumping in with both feet has come (thankfully) former MP Louise Mensch, who flew in from New York - expensively, of course, because she is unfeasibly rich - in order to be among her adoring public (Rebekah and Kelvin Bonkers-Goebbels). Ms Mensch proceeded to York (by train, but expensively) for a BBC Question Time debate which, fortunately for all concerned, was pulled after news of Ms Cox’s killing emerged.
But the lack of a broadcast platform did not stop her. She knew more about the killing than everyone else put together, and boy, were we going to be left in no doubt: “We are seeing the might of the state deployed against a mentally ill man including police leaks to press … The police are NOT doing their job, they are leaking prejudicial crap to the Guardian” she ranted, ensuring anybody listening knew it was the Guardian’s fault (as usual).
Oh, by the way, did anyone miss that it was the Guardian’s fault? “I suspect not given that police are prejudicing this man's trial by leaking to the Guardian”. Would Madam care to indulge herself in yet another encore? She certainly would: “Yes, it's interesting that UK police are prejudicing his rights by leaking to the Guardian”. What is her knowledge of the relevant law? Er, like most of the rest - just the hot air.
But she did know exactly what the suspect did or did not say at the time of the attack: “Nobody denies this. He was mentally ill. he did not shout ‘Britain First’”. See, she wasn’t in New York - she was already there! Miracle on miracle! And shall we throw the Police to the floor again? Oh yes, throw them to the floor: “Because they are leaking prejudicial stuff to the Guardian”. Are they? Don’t ask. She is all-knowing. Allegedly.
And don’t say it was political, right? Because she knows it was all about mental illness: “Again. He was mentally ill. He had far right stuff. Latter means nothing about this attack”. We must discount anything she demands. Only she knows what happened. Including what may or may not have been shouted: “The concoted [sic] story of the shout is bullshit. Witness is BNP and lying”. She knows who speaks the truth! Another miracle!
How can she know this? “That point being the witnesses who say BNP guy is lying are Muslims”. Following this logic? No, neither is anyone else. But do go on. “He did not say 'Britain First' - a BNP rival made that up”. She is all-knowing about the British far-right! Is there any end to these miracles of detection? Who knows? And, indeed, who cares?

Louise Mensch knows sweet jack about this case. All she is doing is to spew out her prejudices without listening to anyone else. So no change there, then.


Unknown said...

I see Kelvin McFilth is involved with a consumer website called "A spokesman said". How did they let him in, or does he own it?

Anonymous said...

I've always loathed Mensch, but this is the first time I have realised quite how blisteringly stupid she is.

All yesterday she was creating her own narrative from scraps of gossip fed to her by god knows who, and then loudly shrieking like a pigeon being happened upon by a Peregrine falcon that she had ''the truth''

I suggested to her several times that she STFU and let the police do their job, rather than waltzing in like Jessica Fletcher fuelled by Colombian marching powder, announcing, a la Clouseau, that she has 'solve-d the case'

When the police charged Mair last night I suggested she might want to shut that vast, cavernous gob of hers as the matter was now sub judice

So she blocked me

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but thos incodent clearly was political.
It wasn't a random killing it was aimed specifically at a politician.
I wish people would stop trying to detract from facts.

If a fireman was killed whilst fighting a house fire you wouldnt say his death wasn't related to his job.

Would you?

I wonder what Leveson thinks of all of this?

pete c said...

Like you say, Tim.
They let this premier league idiot become an MP.

Hopefully she's now returned back 3000 miles away - for good.

Anonymous said...

Guardian this morning, Saturday 18th June, after Mair appeared in court at Westminster to be charged with murder:

Thomas Mair has given his name as “death to traitors, freedom for Britain” as he appeared in court charged with the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox (he was declared 'fit' by two doctors yesterday I understand):

Jo Cox murder suspect tells court his name is 'death to traitors, freedom for Britain'

"Mair, 52, from Birstall, was charged on Friday with murder, grievous bodily harm, possession of a firearm with intent to commit an indictable offence and possession of an offensive weapon, West Yorkshire police said in a statement.

Asked at Westminster magistrates court on Saturday to confirm his name, Mair said: “My name is death to traitors, freedom for Britain.” The judge then asked the defendant’s lawyers to confirm that his name was Thomas Mair, which they did."

Picture has emerged which it is alleged is Mair at a Britain First demo in Dewsbury.

rob said...

Just shows how far left the beeb are these days.

An ex UK pat working for an ex pat Aussie who "despises" the UK Establishment (the Queen's Ok apparently) invited onto a platform to preach her owner's politics on the Beeb who she would glady put down if she had her, and her owner's,way. Surely there are just as bright (hah!) people in the UK with an opinion to share who actually will have to live with the consequences?

Are the Beeb just spineless or are they being complaisant in their demise?

Anonymous said...

This woman is a complete idiot. Police were and are doing their job. It is not for her to determine this murderers mental state it is for the professionals. All the money in the world does not give her these qualifications.
So shut up Louise you are not helping.

Anonymous said...

Guardian report has been updated.

"Mair, 52, from Birstall, was charged on Friday with murder, grievous bodily harm, possession of a firearm with intent to commit an indictable offence and possession of an offensive weapon, West Yorkshire police said in a statement.

Asked at Westminster magistrates court on Saturday to confirm his name, Mair said: “My name is death to traitors, freedom for Britain.” The judge then asked the defendant’s lawyers to confirm that his name was Thomas Mair, which they did.

Mair was not required to enter a plea and his lawyer Keith Allen said there was no indication of what plea would be given. He also told the court that legal aid had been applied for.

The deputy chief magistrate Emma Arbuthnot ordered that Mair be remanded in custody until his next appearance, at the Old Bailey on Monday. He will be held at Belmarsh prison, and Arbuthnot suggested that a psychiatric report be prepared, saying: “Bearing in mind the name he has just given, he ought to be seen by a psychiatrist.” "

Anonymous said...

A Spokesman Said is his own company, a condition of his return to the Sun in January 2015. How they can let a man who's caused so much hate and division in his role as Sun Editor (especially with Orgreave and Hillsborough hanging over him) cultivate a so-called 'man of the people' persona with his own 'consumer action' site, I'll never know.
And to think he had the gall to smear Martin Lewis...

Anonymous said...

Heat Street finally has comments; pre-moderated!

SteveB said...

With regard to might being deployed against a mentally ill man, could we just do a quick comparison with how the British raving right described the man responsible for the recent attack at a Bavarian railway station?

Arnold said...

So why is she picking on the Guardian but not the Scum or the Mail?
"LONER'S SECRET HOARD Nazi mania of Jo Cox ‘killer’ exposed as cops find evidence of far-right mags and terror manuals after raiding house "
Even the Scum's url says he's guilty.

Zuriblue said...

It's quite interesting to see how the right are describing Mair in comparison with the murderer of Lee Rigby (who was diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic)

This does have some disturbing parallels with the 2003 murder of the Swedish Social Democratic politician Anna Lindh. In that case a Euro referendum was in progress at the time.

Watcher234 said...

At the same time as being a terrorist apologist she has been running a piece about a Syrian sex gang that includes a Musim who was profiled by Newsnight She uses this to kick the BBC claiming they covered up his arrest and failed to report it when it happened The Syrians have not been to court have not been found guilty Yet the headline of article clearly states Syrian sex gang Isn't this sub judice exactly what she is accusing others of Her duplicity and hypocrisy is astounding Plus the scrambling of the right to present the killer as a Loner with mental health issues to excuse themselves of any responsibility is a site to behold

pete c said...

Only a true hypocrite with such views would accept the offers to be on a BBC programme. And most of them do.

Meanwhile, has she been screaming much about the routine harassment and threats directed at women MPs recently.

And perish the thought that we do get voted out. It'll only crank up the bile even further.

Anonymous said...

Every time UnterMensch opens her mouth I look fondly at my dog. Even snails on the garden path seem to have more attraction than that crackpot ranting righty.

Anybody who thinks madness died with Nazism need only monitor what she vomits.

She is not "controversial." She is evil, like Mackenzie, Dacre, Murdoch and Rothermere, Kavanagh and all the others of like insanity. These people are the destroyers of everything that makes life worth living. The only thing they do is manufacture hate. Would they could be quarantined on some island until their type evolve out. The homicidal lunatic who did this to Jo's family would make their perfect governor.

I doubt if Mensch and company comprehend even minutely what decent human beings like Jo Cox and her family try to achieve.

http://www.thesocialshuttle.com/ said...

I think after the accused gave his name as "“My name is death to traitors, freedom for Britain.” the trial is going to be highly political sadly for The UnMenschenable. Wonder how HateStreet will report it?
Given how many News Corp hacks were arrested over the Hacking scandal it's a tad rich for this lady to be screaming about police 'leaks'.

Anonymous said...

Either mi5 are editing my comments sneakily or I've turned in to the French policeman from " Allo Allo"

SteveHolmes11 said...

Police briefing the Guardian (like the remainder of the press) considered controversial in Mensch's little world.

Back in the good old days, they took uncle Rupert's back-handers and leaked exclusively to the Currant Bun.

Anonymous said...

Bribes of cash and blackmailed?

Manipulation is the game. Murdoch terrorist to blame.

Like he never knew it was going on?
Such a saint.

Gwendolene Fawkes said...

"They let this premier league idiot become an MP.Hopefully she's now returned back 3000 miles away - for good."

Are you talking about me?

I know you are.

I'm not fucking stupid.

Anonymous said...

@Gwendolene Fawkes.

No, it wasn't you, dear. It was meant for loonies like Soubry, McVey, Thatcher, May, Patel and other twin-sets-and-pearls harridans. And the even worse Mensch.

Hope this helps, dear.

Gwendolene Fawkes said...

Yeah, yeah.

Must be the long term damage done to the system.

Some call it paranoia.

Others call it a chemical software crash.

Anonymous said...

It's probably both.

kamina888 said...

Interesting that in the case of the Grafing attack when it later appeared that it was someone with psychological problems and not a muslim as initially reported there was little reporting of it.