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Thursday 30 June 2016

Boris Johnson, You’re A Coward

This morning, after some of his supporters had passed severely adverse comment on the decision of Michael “Oiky” Gove not to support his candidacy for Tory leader, London’s formerly very occasional Mayor Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson summoned those supporters and the Westminster media to let them know that the next leader of his party was not going to be him. His leadership bid was over.
A complete Muppet. And Elmo from Sesame Street

It had not been an auspicious start to the morning: as Bozza left his London home earlier, a passing cyclist told the assembled hacks that The Blond couldn’t be trusted to run a bath. Gove had pulled the rug from under him, and with it the much-needed endorsement of the Murdoch and Rothermere press. He had been out-manoeuvred and unceremoniously thrown under one of his own vanity buses. The game was up.

So the Tories would, for the time being, have no need of the dirt the party was rumoured to have on Bozza. Nor, more importantly, would Bozza have to face up to the consequences of his “victory” in last week’s referendum on Britain’s EU membership. Like his days as a member of the Bullingdon Club, he had trashed the place, but left someone else to pick up the tab. He is not just an unprincipled liar, but is totally spineless with it.

Why he chickened out is already the subject of much speculation: it is rumoured that Rupert Murdoch had such grave misgivings about letting Bozza go for the top job that his attack dogs would cause The Blond’s private life to be laid bare, probably splashed across the pages of the Sun. With a cupboard full of skeletons and a growing family, such leverage could prove conclusive, even with a loose cannon like Johnson.

It’s also possible that Bozza’s tenure as Mayor of London would finally come back to bite him: the right-leaning press had turned a blind eye to the vanity projects, the broken promises, the caving-in to interest groups, the appalling housing record, the lousy industrial relations, the lack of vision, and above all the lack of attention to actually doing the job he had been elected to do. It was all there, ready to be turned against him.

Worst of all is the suspicion that being Prime Minister right now would be too difficult for Bozza. There would be none of the “just turning up to cut the ribbon” of the London Mayoralty, while leaving it to one of his many deputies to do the real work. Being PM during the next few months would mean hard work, long hours, and taking tough decisions. Bozza would rather leave that to the grown-ups, thanks very much.

All of which adds up to one inescapable conclusion: Boris Johnson is, deep down, a coward, utterly incapable of taking responsibility for the mess in which the country finds itself as a direct result of his grandstanding. When the real challenge came along, he turned tail and ran away, more interested in sounding off in the Telegraph than getting off his backside and putting in the kind of hard work he claims to admire in others.

Boris Johnson is Frit. Yellow. Chicken. He’s a coward. And now he’s been rumbled.


Arnold said...

I feel sorry for him. Switching sides on Europe in a bid to becoming PM and not getting the results he wanted.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

After Sarah Vile's email admitted he was in Dacre's and Murdoch' pocket, I wonder how much support he will get from their tabloids.

Anonymous said...

Tim, you got this wrong: "...tenure as Mayor..."

For "tenure," read manure.

The rest of it, as usual, is spot on. I don't know about him running a bath, but I do know I need a shower every time I'm unfortunate enough to hear the public school twerp speak.

If Fox runs, he and May will be "favourites." Both of them are every bit as reactionary as the worst of of a party full of them.

Malcolm Redfellow said...

Rupert Murdoch['s] ... attack dogs would cause The Blond’s private life to be laid bare, probably splashed across the pages of the Sun. With a cupboard full of skeletons and a growing family, such leverage could prove conclusive, even with a loose cannon like Johnson.

Murdoch and the Scum (almost as as much as Dacre at the Mail have never been short of taking full revenge. I'd find it inconceivable if the file on BoJo were not already being filleted, to extract as much value while the subject remains warm.

I look forward to that.

Audacity said...

I don't believe that Boris Johnson wanted to win the referendum and I certainly don't believe that he expected victory. I think he calculated that Remain would win with a slim margin. He knew that Cameron was heading for the door before the next election and probably thought that the anti EU rump of his party would carry him into number 10 after Cameron's departure. He has played this really badly and has pretty much handed the keys to Number 10 to his backstabbing friend, Michael Gove.

This is not a victory though. Boris, for all of his failings, would have been a better PM than Michael Gove will be. And yes, Gove will win this. He'll receive the endorsement of most of the right wing media. Michael Gove is the press's greatest parliamentary friend. They will do everything they can to get him through Number 10's door. It is, if you like, a Fait Accompli. This should depress everyone who reads this wonderful blog. Gove wrecked our education system. I know of no educational professional who has a kind word to say about him. Gove doesn't believe in experts and just last week labelled financial experts nazis. The only thing Gove believes in is himself. With the full backing of the press, he'll trigger Article 50 as soon as he possibly can. There will be legal barriers. You've probably read David Allen Green's Twitter feed where he fully describes all the barriers that the next PM will have to overcome. But if it's Gove - and I am absolutely certain it will be - he'll overcome these barriers with the ruthlessness of a lion tearing apart a zebra. Boris Johnson would have delayed and delayed some more. So I'm not laughing. I'm just thinking 'fuck, we're screwed'.

Anonymous said...

Defo no fan of Boris but it makes him almost as cowardly as the PLP

Gweedo Fawkes said...


I hate cowards.

I'm going to start a new petition to ban cowardice.

You'd never catch me behaving like that.