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Saturday 25 June 2016

Brexit - EU Voters Were Duped

The people spoke. The majority voted to leave the European Union. So what happened the morning after? Would the politicians move to heed the voters’ word, and put in train the process for leaving? Would we see all those pledges made during the campaign acted upon? Would migration numbers come down? Would the NHS get the extra money talked about? The answer, to no surprise at all, is that we would see precisely nothing.
There was no action on leaving the EU - not on our side, anyway. The other 27 member states were ready and waiting to begin the process of negotiations by which Britain would be guided through the Out door, but action from Westminster was there none. Young Dave had resigned, and whoever succeeded him would have to do the deed. Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty remained in its box. And it looked like it would stay there.

It got worse: during ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Nigel “Thirsty” Farage was questioned by co-hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on the “£350 million” NHS promise. That, he declared was a mistake. Hang on a minute, countered Ms Reid, people were told that was going to happen when they went to vote. No, replied Nige, that was the other Leave crowd. Nothing to do with him. He just did scares about brown people from the Middle East.
Ms Reid may have been unimpressed, but her intervention was bettered in some style by Evan Davis on BBC Newsnight, who, on asking Dan, Dan The Oratory Man whether immigration would now be cut to the tens of thousands, was informed that remaining in the European Economic Area (EEA) (the “Norway option”) would still mean free movement and so may not reduce migration at all. Davis could not contain his exasperation.

People had voted on the basis of cutting immigration, he told a smirking Hannan, who deflected by pretending there was a difference between free movement of people and free movement of labour, which the authorities in Andalucia may find interesting, given the free movement of rather a lot of Brits who are not labouring into their back yard. And joining the EEA would mean paying into the EU budget - just like we do now.
The Vote Leave principals, Bozza and Michael “Oiky” Gove, tried to downplay expectations and pretended that there was no hurry to invoke Article 50. But the period of negotiations, which would last at least two years, would need it to be invoked if Britain was to leave the EU, and leaving the EU was what the country had chosen. They had their mandate. Dave was going. The field was clear. Why would they not act?

On top of that, the Sun, one of the Brexit cheerleaders, has now admitted to its readers that holidays abroad may cost more, roaming charge caps may be abandoned, and savings may be affected, plus that old staple House Prices. Taking all of that together, it’s not impossible to see that many who voted for Britain to leave the EU will begin to feel that they were taken for mugs. But it’s a bit late for buyer’s remorse now.

You were lied to on an industrial scale. But what can you do about it now?


Anonymous said...

How much patience will the outers, UK businesses and the EU have with the UK Government? From what I have seen on none UK Media not much, they EU want to start negotiations now and I can't blame them.

However, No timetable for a new PM means no timetable for Article 50. I even heard one Tory say a new leader contest shouldn't be held until after the party conferences. Another saying we should do the negotiations before serving notice. When you hear how long it took Greenland to exit nothing is happening quickly. A quick way is to emulate Norway, which means all the costs, restrictions and no say.

Too many didn't realise that the grass is greener on the other side is because it rains more.

Shazz said...

I love that the Sun article focused on the price of beer abroad
They know their readership

J said...

Seems the commentators on the Daily Hate Male are not best pleased now that the paper has said that thanks to leave things might be a little bit shit.


"but why didn't we get this information before", they whinge in exasperated tones... well they did, from the remain side which they then then didn't listen to because they had been told by "oiky" Gove (TM. Zelo street) that the experts should be ignored.

One witty wag even replied "what did you expect, you're reading the DM and they wanted you to leave" and another popped up to say "its the DM, you didn't expect the truth did you?".

Oh what a jolly jape, with the Leave big names all backtracking on every thing they said and offered, from immeg'rants always were going to have free movement even if we left, that we'd still have to pay to keep the free trade area, no extra money for the NHS, areas of the UK that were massively subsidised with EU grants would no longer keep getting the wedge now they had voted against the EU, to admitting that actually Brexshit would be rather shit for the vast majority of DM readers.

Oh, but at least Blow-Jo'b would say sorry if the markets tanked and things turned out to be a bit shit... strangely he has been seen nearly as often as Giddiot Osbourn since winning, which is to say not very much.

In fact, both sides of the cun'servative party have been rather absent of late. Hameron has said he's not playing any more and has taken his toys away in a sulk, Giddiot is probably polishing up the CV to renew his previous line of work in towel folding if he can keep off the Bolivian marching powder long enough, Fartarse has fucked off (one consolation), and Borris is shitting himself as he has not a clue what to do now that he has the UK to play with and has to talk to Johnny Foreigner (instead of making shit up for the newspaper columns about them) to sort the mess out.

Hahahahaha, *breath* hahahahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

'No, replied Nige, that was the other Leave crowd.'

Which is true.

Looks like the desperate attempts have been proven wrong.

Good. Let's move on.

Unknown said...

Democracy has spoken. Just because it doesn't agree with you doesn't give you the right to do exactly what the press has done, and try and scaremonger your readers.

Get on board and stop nitpicking the press for little stories and do some good and unite the electorate.

J said...

@4 Errrm he said it as well... http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-eu-referendum-nigel-farage-nhs-350-million-pounds-live-health-service-u-turn-a7102831.html

mm1145 said...

'No, replied Nige, that was the other Leave crowd.'

yer he was the racist not the lier

Anonymous said...

If I was someone of power in the EU I too would want to be shut immediately of a Britain that had just voted to leave.

Just wait until the people who voted leave suddenly twig they've been had by the Leave spivs. Funny enough, it was the same London hoods who double crossed the Jocks on the Scotland referendum.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

And wait a little bit further until they discover that the Leave spivs are even worse than the Frankfurt version. MUCH worse.

Railwayman said...

What can you do about it now? Signing this petition might be worth a try:https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/131215. 2.3m signatures and counting...

Facing both ways said...

I never thought I would share a Daily Mail online article, but that is too good not to. "Why didn't we get this kind of informative article before instead of just scaremongering?". As one brilliant reply said, "you did get it but you dismissed it as Project Fear; welcome to Project Reality".

Anonymous said...


Based on your logic, the whole ref and everyone who voted was?
Oh, no, wait. They couldn't possibly be because......

Rosie said...

Hannan, Carswell etc have used Farage to get the popular vote for Brexit.
Farage is finished now.
Carswell, Evans and Reckless will stand as Conservatives in the upcoming General Election. Perhaps Mensch too.
I believe Gove and Johnson have been in on this from the beginning.

http://www.thesocialshuttle.com/ said...

Democracy has NOT spoken. Democracy is when you have a vote and hopefully the majority have their say and the winning party takes power and implements it's policies.

An advisory referendum is not democracy as it has no power to implement anything. It is really no different to the government of the day having a raft of advisors and civil servants who give advice to Ministers which is not binding. The vast majority of MPs who oppose Brexit are the only ones with power and they can vote to reject the referendum's advice.

And no amount of screeching and ghastly triumphalism from Britain;s atrocious tabloid outlets changes that.

I go on record now what it's worth: the UK will NOT leave the EU. The Brexit campaign may have won a non compulsory referendum but when those who voted Brexit realize that their life will not change one jot in the years to come ( except probably get worse) they may begin to think differently. And as chaos continues they may form a different view. Why wouldn't they? It happens with every election.

Cameron is sensible to piss off now and leave the mess to Boris. But what a mess with the man least capable of handling that mess in charge. That's Cameron's revenge.

Surely people can see the Big Picture being played here: Boris as Zelo says is shitting himself with the likelihood he may have to clean up the mess but the majority of Tory MPs may boot him as the cause of the mess.

The rest of the EU want Britain to begin asap so people can see what a nightmare may unfold. In the long run this non-compulsory referendum may have been the best thing to re-align British politics. It certainly gives Labour a winning chance. But those who voted Brexit delude themselves that life is going to change for the better over the next 10 years.

Anonymous said...

Carswells UKIP jump was suspicious.
Who was pulling the strings?
They should be told to fuck off.

Evans deserves a place in a UKIP cabinet.
Hannan would fit nicely in a UKIP cabinet too.
I would think Wolfe and Nutall will have top places.
O'flynn in there somewhere?
Leadsome and Stuart are possibilities but the original UKIP line up is what I'd expect to see. Regardless of past hiccups, they all worked hard to secure the ref win.
I wouldn't want to see anyone pushed out.

Boris, should just finish on a high note with his role in Brexit.
I doubt he'll be PM.

The most important role for UKIP now is to keep calm and watch.

rob said...

Anyone for The Who's "Won't get fooled" again?

You only get real democracy when, as in market forces, all the truthful information is known to all the players who can then make a properly informed decosion.

While that is an unreachable ideal it doesn't really aid the democratic process that much of the information disseminated is by the organs of the offshore oligarchs who own the media and who don't have to suffer the consequences.

Leaving aside the political ramifications, will the media, now they have got their vote, continue in the same vein until the die has been inevitably cast?
Are they happy that violence has broken out with those "not one of us" as in Peter Gabriel's lyrics being told to go home?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget, this ref isn't just about UK.
There is general upset across Europe and much noise being made from other countries who wish to leave.
They can't all be wrong.

Rivo said...

One of two things needs to happen now; either Parliament vocally and resolutely rejects the result of the referendum and categorically refuses to implement Article 50. Or they need to invoke it immediately and start the process of negotiating Britain's departure from the EU.

In the former case, there will be a lot of anger from Leavers, anger I am sure Farage will seek to capitalise on at the next General Election. I can also see it causing much amusement amongst our European neighbours who will scoff at our hypocrisy anytime we call them undemocratic in the future. On the plus side, it would probably secure the markets and prevent any flood of industry from this country, whilst also appeasing those Welsh, Cornish, Yorkshire etc voters who having voted Leave are now worried about the shortfall in their funding without EU support.

In the latter case, the Leavers will, initially, be happy, but then as negotiations drag on and the economy stagnates or slides into depression while business waits to see what will happen, I can see that anger growing - especially if we end up settling for a Norway style option with most of the rules, most of the free movement of people and most of the costs but with vastly reduced benefits. Especially so if the EU, in order to keep the Irish border open and the Good Friday agreements in place insists on some sort of Schengen style arrangement like Norway has too.

Amanda Kendal said...

Ryan Gascoyne said... "Democracy has spoken. Just because it doesn't agree with you doesn't give you the right to do exactly what the press has done, and try and scaremonger your readers."

This is hilarious.

People voted on the basis of a pack of lies – are you pretending that that is acceptable and even, that it is what 'democracy' is supposed to be about?

And as for the "scaremongering" ... oh, give me a break. The economy is tanking – entirely as predicted by the experts that the leave campaigners decried as 'scaremongers'.

wildcat said...

Another point, which, to the best of my knowledge has yet to be made anywhere (apologies if it has!)

Can the result be legitimate as it was the outcome of legislation passed by the governing party which is facing mounting evidence that dozens of their MPs won their seats through electoral fraud (ie misdeclaring their expenses)

Would like to see a legal boffin take that one up and investigate further.