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Wednesday 22 June 2016

Boris Johnson - EU’re A Fraud

At the end of last night’s BBC-hosted debate on the EU referendum, some of the crowd were moved to give the former occasional Mayor of London, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, a standing ovation. Good old Bozza had roused his part of the audience: he was for them an authentic politician, a man of the people, a credible figure. Well, my friends - to use the Bozza vernacular - I have to tell you that this is plain flat wrong.
An absolute Muppet. And Elmo from Sesame Street

Bozza is not only not a man of the people - he’s just as much a product of privilege as his Tory rival Young Dave - but he has in reality never been, is not now, and never will be a credible proposition as a serious politician. The litany of failure, and charge sheet of rank dishonesty, is so long as to disqualify him from suitability for high office.

He was sacked from The Times for lying. Bozza began his journalistic career there, but was dismissed for “fabricating a quote”. It wasn’t his first detachment from reality.

His career at the Telegraph was built on lying. His missives from Brussels are in significant part at the root of the cynical view many in Britain take on the EU. Martin Fletcher, who went there for the Times not long after Bozza’s Telegraph stint ended, has told that Bozza “seized every chance to mock or denigrate the EU, filing stories that were undoubtedly colourful but also grotesquely exaggerated or completely untrue”.

His editor at the Telegraph considers him unfit for high office. Max Hastings wrote recentlyI would not take Boris's word about whether it is Monday or Tuesday … He is also a far more ruthless, and frankly nastier, figure than the public appreciates … I would not trust him with my wife nor - from painful experience - my wallet”.

He lied to his own proprietor to become editor of the Spectator. Bozza was offered the editor’s chair at the Speccy by Conrad Black, then owner of both that publication and the Telegraph - on the condition that he abandon any ambition for a career in politics. He agreed, got the job … and then went ahead with the career in politics anyway.

His own party leadership sacked him for lying. Bozza was shadow arts minister when his affair with Petronella Wyatt became public. He denied the affair, describing the claims as “an inverted pyramid of piffle”. After the claims were shown to be free of piffle, Michael Howard sacked him, not for having an affair, but for lying about it.

He repeatedly lied to secure the London Mayoralty. In both the 2008 and 2012 contests, he assured the residents of Crystal Palace they would get their Tramlink extension. After securing election, he promptly abandoned them. He claimed before the 2012 election that there would be no Tube ticket office closures on his watch - then, once in office, closed them all. 

He repeatedly lied after becoming Mayor of London. Bozza made claims about “driverless trains” for the Tube, which he did not even progress, let alone implement. He claimed he would “bear down” on fares. They went up. He assured road users the Congestion Charge would not increase. It increased. He claimed the cycle hire scheme would be implemented “at no cost to Londoners”. It’s been heavily subsidised since inception. He ordered removal of “bendy buses” from the streets, telling that they killed cyclists. No cyclist has been killed by one in London.

He lied about London’s pollution. Thousands of Londoners die prematurely every year because of the capital’s deteriorating air quality. Not only did Bozza do nothing about this during his eight years at City Hall, he span the grotesque lie that London’s air was “Alpine”.

He lied about his successor. Bozza was a full participant in the Islamophobic demonisation of Sadiq Khan, for which nobody in the Tory Party has seen fit to apologise. Khan, constantly smeared as either extremist, or “sharing platforms” with extremists, is in fact a ferocious opponent of extremism.

He’s lying about the EU too. Every time Bozza, or one of his pals on the Leave campaign, spins the “£350 million a week” line, they are saying something that is not true.

That is the reality of Boris Johnson. He’s not very nice, you can’t trust him, he can’t keep his trousers zipped up, his journalism is built on deceit, and he’s an ocean going liar.

You wouldn’t trust anyone like that to tell you the time of day. So why trust him on the future of Britain? Remember, there is only one beneficiary of Bozza’s campaigning, and that is, as it always has been, Himself Personally Now.


Anonymous said...

That LEAVE campaign of which Boris is part?

Leave campaign “Dishonesty on an industrial scale” EU law expert analyses referendum debate via @livuni


Anonymous said...

So Johnson's just another London suited-up public school spiv inside the M25 Ghetto?

So when Ken Bigley's brother advised Britain's Hermann Goering to "Get out of public life" he was trying to do this country a public service?

Given the appalling list in Tim's blog you have to wonder at the gullibility of those who think Johnson is anything more than a dangerous opportunist buffoon. Just like Uncle Hermann.

Anonymous said...

What about the man who Khan?

He said that the leave camp was all about HATE.
This very attitude should raise alarm bells. He's been London mayor for weeks and already he has aroused suspicion.

The irony of his statement being of course that this referendum was called by the PM. When khan we expect to see Sadiqs lies and projection aimed at him?

I'd pay to see that.

We know you'll have more chance of finding rocking horse shit.

Fishman Dave said...

Max Hastings certainly got the measure of his vindictive nateure: FFS even BoJo's own sister has described him as "Sicilian in nature"

Anonymous said...

The referendum was called by the PM who had to issue a grovelling apology to an imam who he claimed was a member of IS in order to smear Khan. He wouldn't repeat it outside Parliament, would he, because when Michael Fallon did he was sued and chose to quietly settle out of court.

Those are examples of people's character I've given you. So if you're going to suggest that Khan has "aroused suspicion", "lies" and projects, then you had better produce some examples of exactly what you mean, hadn't you?