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Thursday 9 June 2016

Don’t Menshn Sarah Wollaston

Independently-minded Tory MP Sarah Wollaston, who represents the Devon constituency of Totnes, and who famously secured the party’s candidacy via an “Open Primary” - open to all voters, not just Tory members - had initially backed the Leave side in the EU referendum debate. But she has now reconsidered, as is her right, and now will back the Remain side. She made her announcement yesterday.
(c) Doc Hackenbush 2014

As the BBC reported, “Tory MP Sarah Wollaston has quit the campaign to leave the EU and will vote for Remain instead … Dr Wollaston, chairman of the health select committee, said Vote Leave's claim that Brexit would free up £350m a week for the NHS ‘simply isn't true’ … she did not feel ‘comfortable’ being part of the campaign”. The response from the Leave side was swift and not always pleasant.
But much of the backlash was at least understandable: Dr Wollaston, a GP by profession, and a select committee chair, cannot be dismissed as some political careerist angling for a promotion. That, though, has not stopped someone with no room to talk on such subjects putting the boot in: over in her reassuringly upmarket corner of Manhattan, (thankfully) former Tory MP Louise Mensch was quick to dismiss her former colleague.
Ah come on Sarah, you support Remain - give over” was the opening shot. See, the Leave side knew all along! And on she went: “She’s Remain, has clearly always been - these publicity stunts are beneath you”. Then she got Dr Wollaston’s Twitter handle wrong. But still, onwards and, er, onwards, eh? “This just shows that Sarah Wollaston has supported Remain throughout. Terrible stuff. #VoteLeave figures unchanged”.
So they’re still wrong, then. But, as the man said, there’s more. “Right Sarah so ‘a lost generation of young people’ … disagreement over figure #VoteLeave have ALWAYS used? Shame”. Then came the judgment, with “SPOT THE DIFFERENCE -1. Remain Sarah” and then “SPOT THE DIFFERENCE: VOTE LEAVE SARAH … One NHS, two contradictory positions”. And what credibility does Ms Mensch have on this one?
The answer is, not very much. Like her claim “Do what we say or we will people traffic cowardly young men who've abandoned their women”, which was debunked at the time she peddled it on Fox Business Network. Likewise “the UK is paying one billion pounds for Turkish accession prep right now”. Take the accession assistance and apply the percentage of the EU budget from the UK, and you get less than half that.
Try again. “We do not get half of anything back. The EU spends half on our behalf on stuff it thinks we want. Is UK a child?” We do not send £350 million a week. So when she says “For fuck's sake stop treating people like fools, as @David_Cameron used to say of Labour”, it’s a case of, as we’re talking about a Doctor here, “Physician heal thyself”. Louise Mensch is treating her audience like fools - or she’s one herself.

Plus she ran off and abandoned her voters. And remember, they let her become an MP.


Anonymous said...

Well, both women are Nastzi tories.

The only difference between the two is one would rob you today and the other would rob you tomorrow.

It doesn't matter which is which.

Stephen said...

Anonymous, your constant dubbing of Torys as Nazis does you no favours.

rob said...

** Disturb-ing thoughts**

Hello darkness my old friend
Lou Mensch has reared her head again
That Murdoch minion is still tweeting
Foolish words without reasoning
But those words that are planted in her brain
Are ingrained
And disturb the sound of reason

And those people still blindly follow
In her wild thoughts they do wallow
As her message flashes out its warning
To the faithful it may be alarming
And the message says "Murdoch the Profiteer
and his minions, must not lose, they must win"
Or they will face
The retribution of silence

Anonymous said...


It reads "Nastzis"......not "Nazis."

The difference is what you see in them now is merely embryonic. They'll get worse. Don't kid yourself.

They'd sell their own mothers if it meant another pound off their "Council" tax. Or if it meant they could blame somebody else for their own miserable disappointment with life.

Aneurin Bevan was right about them. And that was 68 years ago.

David D said...

Thanks for that Stephen. If he is the same 'Anonymous' that keeps making disparaging remarks about cockneys and Londoners in general I would add that he does itself no favours in that direction either.

pete c said...

So. More illiterate philosophy from a nodding poodle on the dashboard of a New York taxi.

Would not be quite so bad except she's presumably in receipt of a decent parliamentary pension tat feather beds all the twaddle. Paid by us.

Anonymous said...

@David D.

Cockneys and Londoners? You mean the same arse heads who make "jokes" about everyone else but can't take it when they get ripped themselves? The same bought-and-paid-for monopoly media forehead-knucklers?

Gawd bless the princer wiles, gav. 'Ee dahn't wiste pablic manny daz 'ee.

Anonymous said...

How many are friends with Merkel et al ?

Shazz said...

I really like you Zelo Street & look forward to the info you provide on Twitter.

But I question the 'principles' that you lavish on Sarah Wollaston. Below's her voting history since becoming an MP. And as @Rachael_Swindon has pointed out on Twitter, Sarah's a landlord - and voted AGAINST a law requiring landlords to provide humanly-habitable places.

The only principles I see are those of the priviledged elite, stamping on the faces of the poor, disabled, needing of assistance - she's just another Tory. And all the more enraging because of her medical background: she obviously never learnt empathy in her doctor training.