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Tuesday 21 June 2016

Bend EU Like Beckham

[Update at end of post]

The Outers have been deploying a variety of tactics to suggest those wanting Britain to remain in the EU are taking the electorate for fools, that they are out of touch, that they look down on those hardworking people who aspire to do better. But then, today, has come the endorsement that both sides would have gladly accepted, whether they care about football, celebrity, or anything else that he embodies.
David Beckham was the endorsement that focus groups had told their sponsors would move votes. Businessmen, politicians, pundits and economists were two a penny, but if Becks said he was backing one side over the other, that was different. That would be a game changer. Well, now Beckham has backed the Remain campaign, and so there is only one thing for the Outers to do, and that is sneer and snipe at him.
Kicking off on that note was (yes, it’s her again) Nadine Dorries, who whined “So, multi millionaire, multi home owning man who can kick a ball supports remain. It's become a division of the classes”, while still taking money from the state. Fading pundit Julia Hartley Brewer was equally dismissive: “George Soros, David Beckham... It's funny how the super-rich think the EU is a great thing. When did they last work in a minimum wage job?
Yes, the daughter of a GP sneers at the hardworking people who start at the very bottom of the ladder (which Soros did too). Adrian Hilton (aka Archbishop Cranmer) sniped “Millionaire David Beckham may be clear, but millions of poor, disenfranchised, alienated working class are clearer”. Beckham’s family is working class. The Sun’s alleged “Westminster Correspondent”, Master Harry Cole, was also up for a sneer.
You can really imagine David Beckham saying this” said the rich kid who went to Tonbridge. Isabel Oakeshott was not far behind, with “Billionaire bankers and footballers back Remain. Well knock me down with a feather”. People from poor backgrounds who make good clearly not the Daily Mail’s kind of people today. Nor at the Times, if Michael Savage’s dismissive reaction is anything to go by.
As someone who often gave 110%, David Beckham fits in nicely with the levels of questionable numeracy”. Me-ow! The loathsome Toby Young knew more that Becks about his decision: “Beckham’s reason for voting Remain is so Europeans can continue to play in EPL and Brits  in Europe”. We can all read his reasons, Tobes. Then came @liarpoliticians with “David Beckham supports staying in EU. Who cares what that airhead says, can't even string sentence together”. Says someone who can’t string a sentence together.
And just to put the lid on the idiocy was (thankfully) former Tory MP Louise Mensch, telling us to “look over there”. It didn’t matter because 56% had voted Out in a Mirror poll! And one minute later, it was 65%! But enough of the sneer merchants: as SunApology posted over a photo of Bozza and Michael “Oiky” Gove, “Strange how David Beckham's wealth means he's out of touch with the people on the EU but these two are just fine”.

Yes indeed. David Beckham began his working life gofering at the local dog track. He worked hard, paid his taxes, and reaped the rewards, just like all the good capitalists fronting the Out campaign want people to do. But because he has backed Remain, he has to be dismissed and sneered at. Can you smell hypocrisy?

[UPDATE 22 June 1250 hours: following the Beckham Remain endorsement, Michael "Oiky" Gove countered by saying John Barnes, formerly of Liverpool and England, backed Leave. But when Sky News caught up with Barnes, who is working in South Africa at present, he stated in unequivocal terms that he was, like Becks, for Remain.

Barnes has a Guardian Comment Is Free piece today setting out his reasoning. And just to put the lid on the Outers' sporting misery, Barnes' former England team-mate Gary Lineker, lead presenter of BBC Match Of The Day, has taken to Twitter today to also back Remain. Back of the net!]


Gweedo Fawkes said...


I'm Jewish.
No, wait, I'm Irish, no, wait, I'm Asian, oh, no wait..I'm English..

Actually,,I'm just a complete bastard.


pete c said...

Stupid people refusing to engage brains - as usual.

Beckham can hardly be criticised over his wealth, for working hard and being good, in a trade that insists on throwing heaps of money at some of its workers - for the ultimate benefit of the owners, backers, and those like Murdoch who leech off of it all.

Anonymous said...

I am in the Remain camp, just.

But I'm sorry, I can't take Beckham seriously......I keep hearing that squeaky cockney voice and seeing those underpants ads with his wedding tackle trying to make some small point or other. I always end up laughing hysterically.

Good luck to the lad for making a lot of money out of quite modest talents. Everyone has to make a living. But he'd do us all a favour if he stayed silent......it's that voice, see. And the painted-on tan. And the tattoos.

Now...about ISSUES......

Anonymous said...

The vile Louise Mensch & Guido Fawkes mob(& to a lesser extent Hartley-Brewer) ought to be careful sneering at working class lad done very, very well David Beckham- it's because of the vast amounts of revenue generated by the likes of Beckham & other big name footballers that longtime benefactor Rupert Murdoch was able to chuck money at Mensch, Guido etc to spout the privileged crap they endlessly spout.

Premier League & Spanish Football (both of which Beckham has played in a lot in the past) have been a big part of the success of Sky, which now props up Murdoch's media operations in the UK- while his newspapers continue to shed readers & most viewers avoid Sky News.