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Monday 20 June 2016

Jo Cox - Kavanagh Panics

The Murdoch doggies at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun are in a bind: they called the referendum for Leave last week, confident that the public mood was running against Britain’s continuing membership of the EU, but the polls were already turning back in favour of Remain when Labour MP Jo Cox was brutally murdered on Thursday. Now they see their paper making a wrong call for the first time in over 40 years.
Why did Kavanagh cross the road? In order to secure More And Bigger Paycheques For Himself Personally Now

This, for the inmates of the Baby Shard bunker, is unthinkable. So faithful Murdoch retainer Trevor Kavanagh, one of the least pleasant or trustworthy people one could hope to encounter, has been instructed over the top to stiffen the resolve of all those Sun readers who may be having second thoughts. He wants them all to know that his version of the public shuns the alleged killer and will not stop them voting how Rupe has instructed.

Polls can be wrong” he warns, after his paper has splashed every one of them favourable to the Leave side all over the paper, before asserting “But despite public dismay over the vile murder of Labour MP Jo Cox, the signs are that Britain will wave the European Union a sensational goodbye [he doesn’t know, he’s just making it up] The verdict rests with the one in eight wavering voters who cannot make up their minds”.

So who’s going to swing it, Kav? “They include lifelong Eurosceptics who worry about appearing to keep the same company as Jo Cox’s alleged killer … But voters are no more tainted by other people’s madness than true soccer fans with the sozzled thugs creating havoc at the Euros”. He still doesn’t know. But he knows what Murdoch wants.

Extremism is unpopular here, but it is becoming mainstream in countries such as France, Germany, Holland and Austria, where voters feel trapped in an undemocratic EU … Hostility to Brussels is matched by envy of our chance to escape its clutches … If we go, others will follow”. Yes, that’s Rupe’s objective - weaken the EU so he can trample all over individual member state Governments, unchecked by regulation, and screw their populations over for More And Bigger Profits For Himself Personally Now.

And what his boss wants trumps what Jo Cox may have wanted. “Jo Cox campaigned for Britain to remain in the EU … But as her friend and fellow Labour MP Rachel Reeves says: ‘I don’t think we should link the referendum to Jo’s death.’ … Thursday’s vote is too important to risk being diverted, even by an act of such appalling violence”. Yeah, right. Ms Reeves is also for Remain. This is a crude and nasty diversionary tactic.

So is his claim “The recent Brexit surge may have paused after last week’s savagery … But one poll suggests most people are ‘delighted’ at the prospect of leaving the EU and would be disappointed if we remain [no citation, and nor will there be] Another confirms Project Fear has rebounded disastrously against the PM and Chancellor George Osborne [no citation]”. It’s just another con job to get the result the interfering foreigner wants.

Trevor Kavanagh is trying to prevent voters stopping and thinking about not only the referendum, but also the sheer unpleasantness of the campaign - much of which has been driven by the paper in which he is writing. But people will make their own minds up, thanks.


Anonymous said...

Only an utterly evil propagandist like Kavanagh could say “Extremism is unpopular here..." and think people would forget just how far right extremist his racist propaganda rag is.

Small wonder he and his type are held in the greatest contempt.

And just think: He's on the IPSO board!.....What does that tell us about that collection of useless media apparatchiks and apologists?

SteveShark said...

"Extremism is unpopular here, but it is becoming mainstream in countries such as France, Germany, Holland and Austria..."

Well, we've trumped them all with an MP being murdered by an right wing extremist. So how unpopular is extremism in the UK, really? A UKIP poster based on Nazi propaganda...MPs attending far right Swinton meetings...Farage warning that violence could break out in the UK if Remain wins...

Future liccer said...

The behaviour of the entire spectrum of right wing political thought has been so despicable and low and abhorrent - it almost defies credibility.

A 78 year old man handing out was beaten up in the street by a Brexit thug today.

The fsscist filth posted in twitter after Jo Cox's murder.

The radicalisation of swathes of the population with racist and xenophobic rhetoric.

And for what? The furtherance of Boris Johnson's career and the chance for Priti Patel to tell us that the country will be more competitive if women have to return to work 2 weeks after having a baby.