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Wednesday 29 June 2016

Simon Danczuk’s Consultant REVEALED

The Murdoch doggies at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun were beside themselves with rage yesterday, as they regaled the world with more news about Rochdale’s not even nominally Labour MP Simon Danczuk: “MP'S £500 SEXPENSES Shamed Simon Danczuk claimed money for ‘crisis management’ after The Sun exposed his sordid texts to teenage girl” read the headline. And, as the man said, there was more.
Rochdale MP was suspended by the Labour Party after the texts were revealed and is also being investigated over an alleged rape”. Yes, yes, we know that. But what’s with the £500? What indeed: “DISGRACED Labour MP Simon Danczuk claimed £500 expenses to pay for ‘crisis management’ after The Sun exposed his sordid texts to a teenage girl … Fury has erupted over a fee from a blanked-out consultant he sent to the Independent Parliamentary Standard Authority for ‘media relations work over Christmas period’”.

Sadly, the only clue the Sun had to go on was that “The receipt adds: ‘Two days’ work. Crisis management and handling a high volume of media inquiries’”. If only the Murdoch mafiosi had dug a little more, they might have discovered who the payment was for, and the nature of the crisis that was being managed.

Here on Zelo Street, information has been received suggesting that this latest slice of Danczuk expense hokum is not only nothing to do with crisis management, but also connected to someone we have encountered before. Also, my information is that this invoice is not a one-off, and that there are others. Moreover, I am reliably informed that the work the invoice covers took place at the very beginning of December.
Contrarian Prize bash: Danczuk bunked off the Syria debate for this

But what you are all wanting to know is the name of the consultant, which was “blanked-out” so that the Sun could not see who it was. My information is that the name blanked out is none other than that of Matt Baker, who wrote most of the now infamous Cyril Smith book Smile For The Camera, part of which (the alleged M1 “porn stop” of Smith’s car by Northants Police) has been proven to be fabricated.

Not only that, it has also been put to me that the invoice is linked to the speech Danczuk gave at the Wednesday December 2 award of the Contrarian Prize: it appears that part of it was payment for Baker to write that speech. That would make it nothing to do with MP’s expenses, and highly improper. I can reveal that as a result, a complaint has been lodged with Parliamentary watchdog IPSA regarding this payment.

It gets worse: there are more of these invoices on the way. Why? Because, so I’m told, Baker is working for Danczuk, and the MP is not getting the press interest he used to do - which enabled him to bill them enough to get a wedge for both of them. So expect the Sun, and all the other tabloids that Danczuk took for mugs, to turn on him with a vengeance when they find out what has been going on.

And what the Labour Party will make of it all is anyone’s business. More later.


Anonymous said...

Oh stuff Danksuck. He's not worth an onanism.

Meanwhile, New Labour MPs continue to betray everything that matters to the Labour Party. They have sabotaged the party against the recorded wishes of an overwhelming majority of its membership. And they have done so at the precise moment of yet another reactionary far right tory government in disintegration.

Anybody who thinks this is not a long planned plot by the red tory wing of the party is living in cloud cuckoo land. Needless to say they'll tug with them the mere expenses-fiddlers and barrow boy spivs. They have no mandate from the membership for their political betrayal. Nor did those who voted for them give them their support for it. They are nothing but a right wing rump of the kind of "politician" so thoroughly despised by the electorate.

It is THEY who lost the last two elections, not Jeremy Corbyn. It is THEY who will continue the "austerity" attacks on our most vulnerable citizens. It is THEY who failed to hold bankers and other crooks to account for their looting of national wealth. It is THEY, like warmonger Blair, accomplice Brown and never-won-an-election Kinnock who brought the Labour Party to the level of yapping poodles of the establishment, and who will NEVER mount any worthwhile challenge - let alone change - to a nation in a precipitate race to the bottom.

This red tory wing are a repulsive gang who wouldn't know a principle if they tripped over it at the threshold of their "flipped" London house. They are anathema to decent democracy, the dregs of a House of Scoundrels.

Anonymous said...

Some folk might say that the "Poison Pen" and Bag-boy Baker never really stopped working for Simon.

Most of Simon's press pieces in the nationals have to be orchestrated and written by Baker.

By claiming it on exs, the unbelievable thing is that we the public are now paying for Baker's mortgage.