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Friday 24 June 2016

Don’t Menshn Brexit, Stupid

After the vote in favour of Britain leaving the EU, and the announcement of his departure by Young Dave, came the inevitable punditry, some of it informed, but as ever, most of it somewhere between clueless and totally gaga. And there are no prizes for guessing that, coalescing somewhere adjacent to the “totally gaga” end of that scale have been the latest wibblings of (thankfully) former Tory MP Louise Mensch.
(c) Doc Hackenbush 2014

Ms Mensch immediately knew more about Britain’s path out of the EU than everyone else put together, and wasted no time in informing her adoring public. Sadly, the only upside from her latest excursion to hatstand land has been the unintentional hilarity, after she - as usual - opened mouth and inserted expensively shod foot.
How Gaga was she? Let’s start with Britain’s EU budget contributions: “Our NET contribution to the EU this year, ONS estimate, £11.2 bn. We should get a lot back”. We won’t get a penny back. We haven’t started the process for leaving yet. Try again. “This year was to be our highest net contribution in the years to 2020. Get our cash back David”. “David”, in case no-one noticed, has left this particular hot potato to his successor.
Perhaps she would be on sounder ground with the internal affairs of her own party? Sadly not: after pausing to give Dave her thanks - “Thank you for your service @David_Cameron” - she went into Wibble overdrive with “I look forward to seeing Michael Gove, Boris Johnson or Andrea Leadsom as Prime Minister”. Andrea Leadsom? Michael Gove? I mean, Bozza would be a joke, and he’s the least bad of the bunch.
How about the rest of the EU? How was the Mensch mysticism there? As if you need to ask: “Schulz is panicking and I laugh at him Keine Extrawürste für dich Schulz!” Best stick to English. But do go on. Donald Tusk reminded everyone that the UK was still bound by EU laws and treaties. “Press statement by President Donald Tusk  http://pllqt.it/ILQSPp  - no it won't tusk”. She thinks we can just abandon treaty commitments. Classy.
It got worse: “The EU is like the knight in Monty Python after its limbs are lopped off”. That’s why the other 27 member states agreed a joint position and statement before noon today, and Britain didn’t. “Even Cameron's resignation is not a big deal as he was always planning to leave early next year to leave Time for a new pm before 2020”. Ooh, crystal ball alert! Except talk now is of a General Election by early next year.
Still, there was always the opinion polling to slag off: “People are quoting a YouGov analysis at me to show me Labour voted remain. That's you gov ten point lead for remain you gov”. YouGov’s final poll showed a Remain lead of just 2%, and had the count been based only on votes cast yesterday, Remain would have won.
Still, there was always Labour to kick: “Labour wake up. Doncaster, leave. Sheffield, leave. Bassetlaw, leave. Wales, leave. LABOUR BASE IS FOR LEAVE. Europhile at your peril”. Jeremy Corbyn delivered around 70% of his voters for Remain, and Cameron just 44% of his. And once they find they’ve been conned, they might not vote the same way again.

Being cooped up in her gilded Manhattan eyrie is not doing much for Louise Mensch’s relationship with reality. And remember, they allowed her to become an MP.


Anonymous said...

Noticing a trend of the pro Murdoch clan rooting for the usual parties to take leadership.

Easy to manipulate?

Anonymous said...

It scarcely matters who the tories replace the Bullingdon Pig's Head Boy with. The differences are only of a degree.......and that one of an acquaintance with "public relations" (read: lying).

In fact all of them are of the same piece of detritus. If any of them are let loose with the power of government it will bring us much closer to the total collapse of what's left of national unity. But you can bet your bottom Euro none of them or their public school chums will lose money because of it. The looting of national wealth will intensify, that's all.

This referendum result has shown us two roads, one marked "Even Further Right," the other "Rethink." If we go down the former this country might well be damaged beyond repair. Only a full on revolution would change things, and few of us want to endure that tragedy.

There is still time. But the hour glass is dangerously near empty.

pete c said...

This constant Us/Our/We from her is sickening. She isn't part of US or sharing any WE that we are familiar with.

Would not hurt her to find out though. This vote was won by blinkered and xenophobic oldies* who've soaked up the tabloid hate for years now.

The behaviour of some of these people in the polling stations has been atrocious. And there are already towns where hate mail through letter boxes is on the increase.

That's the WE she seeks to be part of. Find some pride in that lot.

*And I'm 70, so not being ageist.