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Tuesday 13 May 2014

UKIP Police Visit Paranoia

As elections to the European Parliament (EP) approach, Nigel “Thirsty” Farage and his supporters out there at UKIP are becoming understandably nervous, and just a little twitchy. So when a Green Party member had a visit from the Police over his use of a “Ten great reasons to vote UKIP” graphic to illustrate the Farage fringe’s policy idiosyncrasies, the ranting and rebuttal machine went into action.
Now it's paranoid supporter squeaky finger up the bum time

Michael Abberton cannot, by definition, have been in the right to cry foul over the rozzers’ visit, which was apparently precipitated by a UKIP complaint. Never mind that the chief constable for Cambridgeshire has said “I believe in this instance police attendance was not required and I have asked for our approach to this sort of incident to be reviewed to ensure we do not get involved unless there is clear evidence that an offence may have been committed”.
No sirree, this has to be not only untrue, but also must by definition involve more than the Greens, because in UKIP land their opponents are all at it. So it was no surprise to read one prize specimen tell “Green and Labour scum get together to make up more lies about UKIP – what a surprise”.
That was, however, nothing when put alongside the full rebuttal. Another Kipper frothed “The truth will out – 10 reasons not to vote UKIP fake, nonsense and smears – how about LibLabCon come up with some policy”. Yes, we have to get the feeble-brained “LibLabCon”, because, well, it’s about the “EUSSR”, innit?!?
It got worse: not just were UKIP supporters outraged, ranting, frothing and talking of “fake, nonsense and smears”, it was all actionable! You think I jest? Here it comes: “Another spin story from the Independent on libellous post from the Green Party”. Abberton is a member of the Greens, he does not make policy. But never mind.
Why not? Because some Kippers are calling this LabourDisinformation and smears”, despite no party member being involved with it. So the party logo is added to the graphic, and words such as “Wrong!”, “Lie!” and even “Astonishing lie!” are thrown into the mix. Then readers are told “Above another example of cowardly Labour lies in tactics!” But it’s not libellous if the Farage followers do it.
Moreover, when Farage pulls a whopper he can’t stand up, like, oh I dunno, how about “Labour figures funding violent hate campaign against me”, it is repeated as if it were gospel truth. Then UKIP followers wonder why other folk think they’re fruitcakes.

Something they don’t want to hear is screamingly rebutted as lies and condemned as libellous, but it’s OK to lie brazenly about Labour having been involved, when they weren’t. And it’s fine for Mr Thirsty to lie, because, well, it just is. Past Barking en route to Upminster, much? Fruitcakes is dead right.

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