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Friday 16 May 2014

UKIP – The Paranoia Builds

Criticism is proving difficult for Nigel “Thirsty” Farage and his fellow saloon bar propper-uppers to take. The problem runs from the humble supporters all the way to candidates in next week’s local elections, and the key elements on show are, as so often before, denial and paranoia. Whoever they are, they’re out to get UKIP and its activists, and someone else is paying them to do it.
Squeaky crackers finger up the bum time

Take the man otherwise known as Rog Tallbloke, for example, who says “PC is an establishment ploy to curtail freedom of thought and speech. BBC is propaganda arm of LibLabCon state bullying”. Paranoid, much? And this is someone whose utterances on climate change are taken as gospel truth by the denial lobby. In return, Kippers quote sites like Breitbart London as equally valid.
Meanwhile, over in Watford, someone called Jim with a Twitter avatar that looks like a suitably paranoid cat, knows that the dastardly EU is out to get the NHS: “It’s the EU behind privatisation of the NHS, something Hope Not Hate won’t tell you” he asserts, though what Hope Not Hate has to do with health service provision is not known.
Then comes Pete In Bexley with straightforward denial: “Beyond some blog, does anyone have any evidence that UKIP even called the Police, let alone for the reasons mentioned in the blog?” he asks, seemingly unaware that the Chief Constable of the area got involved. But this was a mere warm-up act.
Enter Jennifer Vollsteed, whose behaviour cannot be described as Barking – it’s much worse than that. “I would ... urge UKIP to officially ask the Electoral Commission for a public inquiry into who funds the escalating anti-UKIP hate campaign” she wibbled, after all of three Twitter users took the piss out of her.
It got worse: she then went on a rant to Twitter support. “I want to alert you to Communist-linked anti-UKIP bigotry/hate speech, funded by the LibLabConGreenBNP EU old party elite, which is being disseminated on your website and making it an unpleasant place”. That’s borderline certifiable.
And this bunker mentality extends to UKIP candidates, among them Heino Vockrodt, who is standing for election in the London Borough of Brent. Quite apart from his malicious smears of Muslims, such as his allegation of a planning breach (“Being Muslims, they ignored both refusals and did it anyway”), he too shows signs of paranoia: “The entire parade - once lovely owner/occupier shops - resembles Helmand Province now. Time to call in MI5 and MI6 for sure”. Wibble.

Yes, the Beeb is an arm of state propaganda, the EU is coming for the NHS, the cops never visited Michael Abberton, someone’s paying for folks to take the piss out of them, and the security services should be called in. Beyond Barking, indeed.



In fairness there were lots of people taking the piss out of Ms Vollsteed. It was a great "Sit Back And Pass The Popcorn" moment, watching her degenerate into abuse and paranoid accusation. :D

Shawlrat said...

If you have time, listen to Nigel Farage's interview with James O'Brien on LBC today. It's a car crash.

rob said...

Of course it's obvious that the BBC are anti UKIP - they allow some bloke obviously a double of Farage on so often on now, acting very strangely and spouting crap to put the electorate off voting UKIP.

Oh! You say he's not a double? Hmm....

Nix said...

I think there is a longer piece to be written about the similarities of UKIP to a cult. Consider the toxic internal culture (sexism/ patriarchal hierachy, pressure to give money, vicious controlling behaviours, demonisation of those leaving); the pathological lying/ truth distortion (on climate change, free movement); the paranoia; the simplistic sloganeering; and the cult of the leader. Unlike L Ron Hubbard Farage is too disorganised, and frankly too pissed-up to make it a multi-million pound business but he is obviously loving the highlight. After the election I might have time to begin this work- fancy a joint effort?

Anonymous said...

Amjad Bashir employed illegal immigrants in his Manchester outlet of Zouk and it is all down to liblabcon for introducing laws to ensure employees have to check eligibility to work in the UK.


Nobody blames Faraj for these foaming bigots, though. There have been a couple of Party Leaders that were excused for the behaviour of their party members by the public: One was Hitler, the other was Stalin. Not really very good role models, are they?