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Sunday 18 May 2014

UKIP – Mindless On Merseyside

Hardly a day goes by without yet more of those “fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists” being unearthed by the media. And, to no surprise at all, they not only believe their behaviour is totally rational, but are also – coincidentally, you understand – active members of UKIP. And there is no region of the UK better served by the fruitcake fringe than Merseyside.
As the Liverpool Echo has pointed out, just within the Liverpool area there are Kipper candidates who want Russian militia to come and sort out our streets (together with saying that Vladimir Putin is wonderful), saying “racism is a natural outcome of evolution, then saying the Catholic church is more dangerous than the Ku Klux Klan, and suggesting that Enoch Was Right.

All is rebutted by the local party chair, who has deployed a straight bat: “Whilst some candidates may have expressed unguarded comments, these do not represent party policy or, necessarily, their full opinion in context. We shall investigate all the allegations and, if appropriate, take action”. Yeah, like all the other action they never seem to take against all the other fruitcakes.

But the prize specimen from this afternoon’s trawl is one Gordon Ferguson, who lives further north in the Southport area, and would dearly like to draw attention to Himself Personally Now. Ferguson has written an open letter to voters telling them of a dreadful conspiracy against them, but has succeeded only in making himself look like, well, another fruitcake en route from Barking to Upminster.

The Lib-Lab-Cons have conspired with a foreign power, the EU, and are all therefore guilty of treason. They have sold Britain, which is the Fifth largest economy, illegally into increasing slavery inside the EU dictatorship. Those responsible should be brought to trial and those found guilty of treason should be hung by the neck until dead” he wibbles.

So far, so unintentionally hilarious, but, as the man said, there’s more: Ferguson relates (see the video HERE) a story about a previous election, where the parties took part in a bowling match. The Lib Dems won. This, however, was, according to Ferguson, because their best players took shots for the weaker ones. Had this not been the case, the valiant UKIP team would have triumphed.

It speaks volumes that the Kippers were more interested in whingeing about their political opponents than concentrating on their own game, even when supposedly relaxing and socialising. But then, Ferguson does believe that “[Tories, Labour and Lib Dems], under the complete control of the EU, have committed many crimes which collectively account for 95% of crime committed in Britain”.

One hates to call these people crackers, but they’re crackers. Nurse – the screens!


Anonymous said...

Ferguson's bowling story is superb.

I'd wager that a cheese and wine party at his bungalow (Dunromin) is elevated to society event of the year when he retells it...

Mark Iliff said...

That "unguarded comments" is a bit of a giveaway: if they didn't think it they wouldn't have to guard against saying it.

SteveB said...

Southport! Why does this not surprise me? The town is home to one of the most extreme Orange Lodges this side of a Belfast barricade and hosts several marches each year ( the main one's in a couple of weeks). Basically just drunken displays of anti-catholic abuse which Merseyside Police tolerate. Which leaves BTP dealing with more drunken fighting on the trains than they get after football matches.