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Sunday 11 May 2014

UKIP And Eurovision – A Comedy Genre

Pint for the first journalist to ask Farage’s views on Conchita” prodded Mark Ferguson after Austrian drag artist Conchita Wurst (geddit?!?) won the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. The alter ego of Thomas Neuwirth might not have impressed Mr Thirsty, who had already passed severely adverse comment on the contest, as well as displaying the obligatory UKIP ignorance.
Squeaky Eurovision finger up the bum time

What did he think of Eurovision? “I absolutely hate it” he replied, saying that there was a “level of prejudice” against British singers. This “shows how hard it will be for the UK to secure a good deal renegotiating its relationship with the EU”. Nige doesn’t understand that the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), which includes Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Israel, is not the same thing as the EU.
Was Nige going to watch this year’s contest? “Probably not, if I'm absolutely honest, but I gather that the British entry has got a slightly higher chance than usual, is that right?” Did he know who was representing the UK? “The awful thing is, you've got me there, I don't ... Is Terry Wogan still doing it? He was great, wasn't he? He still is great”. Sir Terence handed over to Graham Norton six years ago.
Farage’s combination of ignorance and prejudice was meat and drink to anyone wanting to have a laugh at his expense, which means rather a lot of people. Will Black suggested the photo caption “Nigel Farage telling his German wife that they will not be watching the Eurovision Song contest”. Any more in the same vein?
As if you need to ask: Peter Smith suggested “UKIP are making the most of this year’s Eurovision. They reckon all the songs next year will be sung in Romanian” to which another Tweeter added “And they will all be on sale here at the same time ... flooding the market stealing all our top tens”.
Meanwhile, Rachel was happy at the prospect of the Right being less than totally happy about the identity of the winner: “Conchita Wurst annoying UKIP, BNP, Putin and Ukrainian fascists with one tacky song. Marvellous”. But even she might not have realised just how annoyed one UKIP supporter would get.
Tom Wilson looked as if he could not believe the response of one Brooke Loveridge: “Are you having a laugh. A bloke dressed as a woman with a bearded [sic]. I can’t even look at the freak. This is what euro vision [sic] song contest had to offer. Should be shut down and taken off air [libertarian tolerance alert]. FREAK FREAK FREAK thank god UK came in 17th VOTE UKIP GET OUT OF EUROPE IF THIS IS WHAT YOU GET”. So that’s another idiot who can’t tell their EU from their EBU.

Yes, there are UKIP supporters seeing demons even in Austrian drag artists. But they’re not paranoid, so no-one’s coming to get them. Yet.

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Iany said...

A quick check of record and concert sale figures around Europe will demonstrate British singers and musicians extremely popular around Europe. Nice insight into how Farage doesn't let facts get in the way of his fantasy victimhood.