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Monday 26 May 2014

Katie Hopkins – Don’t Engage Brain First

She may have been banned from the ITV This Morning sofa, but professional motormouth Katie Hopkins is not downhearted. And with an increasingly enthusiastic following for her trademark rant-and-quick-on-to-the-next-target-before-anyone-gets-the-chance-to-call-her-out-for-talking-mindless-drivel technique, pretentiously repackaged as “telling it like it is”, must think she’s on a winner.
Viewers may want to look away now

So must Rupe’s downmarket troops at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun, who have kept faith with the alleged Hopkinator, probably on the grounds that it’s better to have pundits whose witterings the readers will actually read, even if they talk out of the backs of their necks. This has been epitomised by the latest Katie Krap on the subjects of her heroine Mrs T., and feminism.
Shall we have a reality check here?
And here's the reality

As for the Falklands, the headline ‘GOTCHA’ defined the spirit of proud Brits. Bring back Thatcher to teach Spain a lesson over Gibraltar” she pontificated, and wrongly. The “Gotcha” headline defined only the crass and insensitive nature of the Sun, after hundreds of Argentines died following the torpedoing of the General Belgrano. And a minor problem enters: Mrs T happens to be dead.
Pass the sick bucket

But if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again, eh? “Thatcher is not dead. She lives on; in every council house now owned by a family, in the Falklands – still ours, in the hearts of the brave”. So, after a quick passing round of the sick bucket, that’s a vote for economic growth through increasing the stock of debt, and for inept foreign policy that means spending a lot more to guard the same distant islands.
Who is this penguin? Look no further ...
This is Laurie Penny, Katie's target

Never mind, perhaps Katie can do better when it comes to feminism? Perhaps not: after being asked who, between Herself Personally Now and Laurie Penny, was the real feminist, she ventured “[Laurie Penny] obviously – because she dresses like a penguin that is heavily in to porn”. A photo of Ms Penny is included, to demonstrate how Ms Hopkins is in touch with reality. Or perhaps not.
Carry on with the Thatcher blether ...

Ah well, perhaps there is more fertile ground on the Thatcher tribute patch? “Thatcher was a conviction politician. These days all we have are convicts running free, pretending to care. Maria Miller et al”. Ms Miller ain’t been convicted of anything, some of us can remember the al-Yamamah arms deal and the Westland saga, and let’s not forget Mrs T’s confidante Peter Morrison.
... and carry on digging yourself in deeper

So she’s not too hot on that, either, so it’s back to snarking at Laurie Penny. When asked who Ms Penny was, she replied “no-one. Someone the BBC waves about when they need someone of no obvious gender or sexuality”. Once again, I refer to the photo of Ms Penny. Readers may usefully compare and contrast this with the photo of Ms Hopkins in fully motoring mouth flow.

Katie Hopkins – when you want someone who didn’t engage brain before mouth.


Anonymous said...

Talking about other people as convicts when trying to 'big up' Thatcher is possibly a mistake. There are some with the Thatcher surname who should have been sent to prison. Yes, I thinking of her son, Mark.

Andrew Albury said...

I seem to remember that when the First Edition of the famous "Gotcha" reached the fabled "Or Boys" of The Sun mythology, their reaction was so much of disgust at their celebration of the Argentine dead, that they wiped their arses with the paper to show their disgust.

Do we ever hear about it from Kelvin and the lads and lasses of Britains Greatest Newspaper these days....thought not!