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Friday 10 May 2019

Guido’s Creepy Obsession FAWKED

Demonstrating that total lack of self-awareness that exemplifies those in and around the Pundit Establishment, the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog have once again posted what they think is a terribly clever item, only for their adoring public to tell them that they shouldn’t have bothered.
And once again it is the Fawkes ritual obsession with bashing those who would rather the UK is not ripped out of the European Union and left to its inevitably diminished fate that has been their downfall, as they decide to go after a young woman called Madeleina Kay, who uses the hashtag #EUSupergirl to promote the UK remaining in the EU.
Madeleina Kay

Ms Kay was involved with a Europe Day boat party on the Thames yesterday, and it seems the celebration of solidarity with the EU went on well into the evening, culminating at the St Stephen’s pub in Westminster last night. But then, 25-year-old does a little celebrating, has a few drinks, no big deal, film at 11.
Not where The Great Guido is concerned, though. Posting a creepy photo of Ms Kay under the headlineNot So Supergirl”, the equally creepy explanation tells “The hash-tagging Remainiac flag-wavers don’t have much to celebrate at the moment with chaotic Remainer infighting growing by the day. This appeared to be having a detrimental effect on high-profile campaigner and self-proclaimed ‘EU Supergirl’ Madeleina Kay after a long hard day on a ‘Europe Day’ boat party yesterday”. Do go on.
Luckily a concerned fellow Remainer was on hand to tend to her outside the St Stephen’s pub in Westminster last night”. Presumably the Fawkes massive already tried flogging their creep snap to the Sun and Mail and got nowhere, so decided like the overgrown schoolboys they are to have a bit of a leer themselves.
James Felton’s response was typical. “Whether you agree with her politics or not posting creepshots like this is, as the name of the style of photograph suggests, extremely fucking creepy. … It’s not even shocking. Young person in young person gets drunk shocker. Only shocking thing is creepy internet account that thinks it’s ok to post creepy creep shots of young women”. He may be telling The Great Guido that it’s a bit creepy.
Others kept their comments brief: “Creepy … Creepy as hell, man … That’s incredibly creepy … At least she’s not driving, Paul … Yikes, creepy … Very very very very creepy … this doesn’t even relate to remain, this is just uncomfortably creepy … Creepy Guido … ’52 year old man publishes creepshot of young woman’ fixed your creepy headline … Think this says more about you than it does about [Madeleina]. Creep”.
Others made reference to Staines’ own past record of venturing into the Rub-A-Dub and becoming Elephant’s Trunk and Mozart, then on at least two occasions getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, and Zelo Street readers will remember the time he was ejected from the IoD for drunkenness (complete with incriminating video, folks).

The Fawkes rabble has no room to berate others for overindulging. Now it’s showing the world it has no qualms about coming over all creepy, too. Well out of order.
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Anonymous said...

One thing I have noticed about most of these hardcore Brexiters is what vile, nasty individuals they are. I've always disliked Staines with a passion but this is utterly beyond the pale. I am wondering if legal action could be taken against him under any privacy laws? If I was Ms. Kay I would be taking legal advice.

This gross violation of privacy is disgusting.