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Wednesday 15 May 2019

Tommy Robinson Pals Intimidate Media

While Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, was being told that he would face a retrial of his alleged contempt of court in Leeds, his supporters, some of whom had flown in from Australia, the USA and Canada, were deciding that their collective ignorance of court reporting would not prevent them from apportioning blame for what had happened to their hero. They would blame the hated MSM.
In other words, they would go after the real journalists, the ones who understand court reporting, and who report what actually happened, rather than Lennon’s cheerleaders, who report what they want their audience to believe happened. So it was that creepy thug Ezra Levant - who had already been admonished by the trial judge in Lennon’s failed attempt to sue Cambridgeshire Police - targeted Dominic Casciani of the BBC.
Levant’s pal Cassandra Fairbanks told “Fireworks in the courtroom as @ezralevant calls out @BBCDomC for being state run media. He called him a ‘little thug’ and blasted him for calling the police on him for taking a video in the court cafeteria during a previous hearing”. Thug calls thug on someone who isn’t: Levant’s projection at work once more.
The Great Man snivelled “There's a government journalist here called @BBCDomC who, during the break, claimed that he did not lodge the complaint with the judge. But in fact, he himself lodged a complaint against me with the police last year - the actual police (I have a copy of his e-mail)”. Then learn how to report proceedings accurately. Try sticking to both spirit and letter of the law. Stop smearing others as “Government journalists”.
But that was too much for him. “Judges leave. I'm here with our [alleged ‘real reporters’]  and a bunch of government journalists”. Then, someone tried to hack Casciani’s Twitter account. That didn’t work, either. But the hostile tone had been set, and so it was no surprise that when the action moved outside, Lennon would take up the baton.
And so he did, as the Evening Standard has reported. “Journalists were asked which organisation they worked for and whether they produced ‘fake news’, while one individual tried to drag a Press Association video journalist to the ground by their bag. Members of the crowd also pushed camera operators trying to film Robinson as he left court”.
Free sheet Metro had more. “A camera man was repeatedly pushed and shoved by Robinson’s supporters as he attempted to film after one of them named him as working for the BBC. Others tried to physically grab the camera and cover the lens with their hands, despite warnings by the police to stop. The crew were forced to leave after a number of the EDL founder’s fans targeted them while shouting: ‘BBC paedo scum’, and ‘fake news w**kers’”. A crowd deliberately whipped up in order to intimidate and threaten.
Lennon, meanwhile, was busy playing the victim. “To all the journalists today who hounded me and threw your cameras in my face. ‘I face charges for exactly what you lot done to me”. Yeah, right. The thug who goes round aggressively doorstepping his targets on a false premise says he’s being hounded. He can take that one and shove it.

Once again, we have seen the ugly and intolerant reality of those who protest that it’s all about FREEZE PEACH. That’s freedom for them to please themselves, and woe betide anyone who gets in the way. Welcome to the world of more Brownshirts.
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