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Tuesday 14 May 2019

Ezra Levant Curses Tommy Robinson AGAIN

Today, in the Central Criminal Court at the Old Bailey, the matter of whether to prosecute Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, for contempt of court has resumed. Joining those in the media reporting proceedings in the conventional manner are a number of interested parties from overseas, not least Ezra Levant from Rebel Media, whose last efforts in this field saw him repeatedly reprimanded.
One pretend journalist ...
... defending another. Who loses. Again

That was over the trial in Peterborough where Lennon was taking action against the Police for his removal from a pub after a Luton FC away match. He lost that one. Now, Levant is back, and despite all efforts to persuade him otherwise, is live-Tweeting a pot-pourri of falsehood, misinformation, paranoid nonsense and smears which demonstrates, if proof were needed, that he is a fantasist of the lowest order.
The lying was on a monumental scale, kicking off with “‘Throw a milkshake in his face’. That’s Labour/Antifa’s paid protesters. They’ve done that to Tommy and other conservative candidates. Of course here in the UK the left also throws acid”. There are no Labour protesters, no Antifa protesters, no paid protesters, or a combination of those elements. The left here in the UK does not throw acid. Levant starts as he means to go on.
And going on means introducing the fantasist and paranoid idea that the Prime Minister is somehow behind it all. “What's so shocking is that the attorney general has chosen to re-prosecute Tommy for contempt. The Court of Appeal quashed the first ruling, but allowed a re-hearing. Incredibly, Theresa May and her attorney general have made the positive decision to do so. Again”. Theresa May has decided nothing.
Have another go. “The A-G admits that he must have a reasonable prospect of success to proceed with a prosecution. I think it's clear he does not have that - and this is a political decision, made by Theresa May. It's truly an unprecedented decision to re-prosecute a journalist like this”. Whether he has a reasonable prospect is not for Levant to decide. And, again, Theresa May has not participated in the decision making process here.
Still, on he drones. “I believe that even a murderer deserves a lawyer; and so even Theresa May deserves a lawyer, no matter how contemptible her case is”. Theresa May is still not involved. Try again. “Prosecuting Tommy would undoubtedly have had cabinet sign-off - this is a completely political prosecution and would not be done by an AG not yet a year on the job without confirming with No. 10”. He’s away with the fairies.
Try getting out the nanoviolin. “The AG is on his feet again, talking about proportionality. The enormous resources of the state being deployed against Tommy, a year later, for what? And to do what - put him back in prison a bit longer?” Waah! Blub! Snot fair!
In any case, Levant the clown misread proceedings completely. as Dominic Casciani of the BBC has now reported (correctly) “High Court judges order that the former founder of the English Defence League, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, who goes by the name Tommy Robinson, should face full contempt of court proceedings”. To which Levant blubbed “A win for Theresa May, a win for BBC state media, another setback to freedom of the press. The lights are going out in the UK, my friends”. Yeah, right. You lost. Get over it.

Stephen Lennon will be retried for contempt of court. Just rejoice at that news.
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zeb said...

Tommy gonna win EU elections, MEP Tommy on the way. Establishment & loony left is getting desperate!! Such fun to watch. Be on the RIGHT side!! :)

Big Rig said...

Ezra, mate, you're not eligible to vote. Sit down

Stephen said...

The right side being those with Nazi flags, eh Zeb?

Wot Abowt Magna Carta? said...

Judging by the Levant's history, he doesn't know much about Canadian law either.

Sam said...

zeb if in the unlikely event that "Tommy Robinson" won a seat he would be just one of 705 MEPs- that's one lone Nazi and 704 who believe in the EU. Like Farage he would be simply taking a salary for never turning up - like Farage scrounging on the British taxpayer for doing sod all but your bizarre enthusiasm just examples how moronic Robinson's followers are and you probably send him donations so he can holiday in luxury resorts.
That's Robinson's greatest achievement- getting utter dimwits to part with their hard earned cash for sod all.