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Tuesday 28 May 2019

Boris Campaign Officially FAWKED

With the Tory leadership spooked by the ever-present threat of Nigel “Thirsty” Farage and his latest less than democratic electoral vehicle The Brexit Party, candidates to succeed Theresa May as leader, and therefore Prime Minister, are tailoring their manifestoes accordingly. This means more promising of unicorns that they can never deliver. And that brings us to London’s formerly very occasional Mayor Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.
The Great Blond Hope ...

As Zelo Street has already pointed out, the Murdoch mafiosi would rather like Bozza to take The Top Job, not least because Creepy Uncle Rupe wants to transform TalkRADIO into a UK version of Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse), which would need broadcast impartiality rules re-writing. A compliant PM would help enormously. And Bozza would be ideally compliant, given the dirt the Murdochs have on him.
... and his not so little helper

Now, yet more information has been unearthed showing the Murdoch’s backing for Bozza. The fear among so much of the Press and Pundit Establishment is that Tory MPs, who will whittle down the field of leadership candidates to just two, who will then be offered to the membership, will somehow manage to vote out Bozza. So he would not be offered to the Tory membership. If he were, he’s thought to be a certain winner.
So a campaign has been launched to make sure those MPs somehow cause Bozza to be one of the lucky Last Two Standing. It has been imaginatively titled “Boris On The Ballot”, and tells anyone not yet asleep “REMAIN MPS ARE PLOTTING TO KEEP BORIS OFF YOUR BALLOT … Use this form to tell your MP now: members must not be denied a real choice”. You can then complete the form and confirm “I BACK BORIS”.
And where is this advert appearing?

All well and good, but who is behind this enterprising little venture? Ah well. You can get a clue by checking out the adverts appearing alongside the usual dubiously sourced copy at the Guido Fawkes blog, domain of the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble. And yes, there it is: “TELL YOUR MP YOU WANT BORIS ON THE BALLOT”.
Right here, that's where

Moreover, when the Fawkes massive is discussing the Tory leadership race, look who they put at the centre of the mugshot display: it’s all about Bozza. Also, The Great Guido’s links to the Murdoch mafiosi are well known: when Rebekah Brooks tells Staines to jump - well, OK, someone on his behalf - his only question is to ask “How high?
Bozza front and centre with Fawkes

But is that the only connection between this latest campaign and the Fawkes mob, that they are carrying advertising for it? Well, not quite. One look at the Privacy Policy for Boris2020 dot Org reveals it “is run by CampaignAction Limited, the controller of your data, registered as such with the Information Commissioner’s Officer in the UK”.
And look who's behind it all

What it doesn’t tell you is that the full name of the company is Campaign Action Limited (Ireland) and that the name of its Data Protection Officer is … Paul Staines.

The Great Guido is actively shilling for Bozza. Rupe and Rebekah will be pleased.
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