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Sunday 26 May 2019

Twitter Ban Fascist Grovels To Trump

The far right has taken another hit, as Anne Marie Waters, leader of the For Britain Movement, has had her party’s Twitter account suspended. It’s not a temporary one, either: she has effectively been banned, just as Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, and Carl Benjamin, who styles himself Sargon of Akkad, have been banned. As with those individuals, the ban is, of course, someone else’s fault.
Anne Marie Waters rehearses for Pointless Non Celebrities

So as she still has access to YouTube, Ms Waters has issued a YouTube appeal. Here, we can see the full range of her delusion and paranoia in all its dazzling, er, tediousness. “The UK is the new Soviet Union” she begins, somehow not realising that her being able to put out that video means she is talking out of the back of her neck.

But she is not downhearted. “Opinion in this country is policed. And by policed, I mean by the Police”. No shit. She took the throwing of milkshakes very seriously. She also took lying very seriously. The Police, she asserted, were allowing people to be assaulted at the event staged by Lennon’s campaign in Oldham. That Lennon’s side started the hurling of projectiles was ignored. It was the Scary Muslims™ Wot Done It.
Donald, where's yer hairspray

We know only too well what Muslims are allowed to do to people in this country, especially the working class people that Tommy Robinson was trying to reach out to. This is very, very serious. And those of us who try to fight back using our democracy, those of us who try to expose these terrible actions by the state, are condemned”. Wibble. Hatstand.

But then comes the plea, and it gets truly batshit. “The mainstream media is cutting us off. And so now is social media … Twitter and Facebook are the biggest culprits …  this week my party … had been banned from Twitter. This is another avenue being cut off, for people who want to tell the truth”. So what is she going to do about it?
This message today I want to send out to President Donald Trump. President Trump, you can do something about this. Twitter and Facebook, as you well know, are cutting off people with whom they don’t agree … anything not on the left is barred … and it’s not good enough to say these are private companies … Twitter and Facebook are enormously influential, they’re instrumental in helping people to decide who to vote for”.

Do go on. “They are telling lies through bias”. Er, no. The people who use the platforms might lie, but this is just silly. Have another go. “They’re cutting off those who they deem to be of the wrong politics”. Odd way of describing breaking the T&Cs. But she does have an idea. “There must be regulation of the big tech giants”. Will that stop them suspending those who break the T&Cs? But she does know who can bring this in.
President Trump, you’re the only person who can do this”. So that’s a US Constitution fail, then. But she has faith. “You know that these companies are completely biased, against you and anyone who thinks like you”. Then she goes totally wrong. “You’re going to go down in history as one of the greatest US Presidents of all time”. Oh no he isn’t.

And if she thinks The Donald gives a flying foxtrot about her, or anyone else on the far right who has been banned by one or other social media platforms recently, she’s not dealing from a full deck. This is as pointless as it is desperate. Good laugh, mind.
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iMatt said...

Just what pray tell did the far-right do before the likes of Twitter and Facebook existed? Did they feel thier free speech was somehow being curtailed?

The far-right seem to think that private companies such as Twitter and FB should let them abuse thier terms and conditions. I wonder if they'd feel the same if a foul-mouthed, violent thug abused the hospitality of their local public house? That said, they'd probably feel it was a home from home!

Nigel Stapley said...

I now have this awful image in my head of Waters - with a Danish pastry strapped to each ear - saying "Help me Obi-Wrong, you're my only hope!"

(Don't have nightmares...)

Richard said...

But I see her local lackey and convicted criminal, Brian Silvester, still has his Twitter account.