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Wednesday 22 May 2019

Based Amy Harasses MP

Tory MP David T C Davies got rather more than he bargained for when he went out on to College Green to do a piece to camera yesterday afternoon. He might have expected to be given the occasional joshing by someone like Steve Bray, the Stop Brexit man - as Davies is an arch-Brexiteer - but he cannot have imagined that he would have been smeared as a Remainer, and even a traitor, by what appeared to be a passer-by.
Amy Dallamura aka Based Amy

But that is what happened. After Davies had told the interviewer he was switching on his own body camera to take a record of the interview, he noted the presence of that passer-by, who had her own microphone. “Why’s he feeling intimidated? Well, you’ve got a bloody big camera there on him for God’s sake, what’s the difference with my phone?” she ranted. She had been talking. She was told this. “I was quiet … I stopped talking” she protested.

Then she became abusive. “I was going to listen to what he was saying but now I can tell he’s a ‘remoaner’ … he must be a a … did you vote Remain? Are you an MP?” Davies is an MP, and he did not vote Remain. “Why are you acting like a snowflake then?” she taunted. “You are [a snowflake] because you’re intimidated by me”. And on she went.

You’re not acting like a Brexiteer” she complained. Davies nearly lost it with her, but then admitted that he voted for Theresa May’s deal. That did not go down well. “You voted for the deal! Oh my God! It means not to leave. And it means we don’t leave. So you’re a liar. You did not vote to leave … You’re a liar. Shame on you. You’re a traitor … Is that what a traitor feels like? You should feel uncomfortable, you’ve betrayed 17.4m people”.

The encounter ended with her demanding to know how much the BBC had been paid to promote the European Union. But although Davies and the interviewer may not have known who the passer-by was, rather a lot of those who have now viewed the video know all too well. To no surprise at all, it was Amy Dallamura, aka Based Amy.
David T C Davies - Amy's latest fall guy

Moreover, Based Amy is not interested in any kind of intellectual process. She is, as can be deduced from her ranting at David T C Davies, interested only in aggravating her targets. That was what she did last month, when she ranted at the Metropolitan Police and was arrested for her trouble (she has since been bailed to appear in court later).

Based Amy is a regular at Speakers’ Corner, where, you guessed it, she provokes anyone and everyone she can identify as a target. Usually this means going after any of those Scary Muslims™ that happen to be around. Her propensity to get on others’ nerves is what has endeared her to the far-right, and specifically the nascent Yellow Vest movement.

The reality is, though, that Based Amy is a sad and lonely individual desperately in need on psychiatric help. She’s not stupid, she’s just being used by the far right.

In the meantime, she should be banned from Westminster, like her pal James Goddard has been. And then given the help that she might not want, but actually needs.
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Andy McDonald said...

Having met Davies a few times, it would take a lot for me to ever sympathise with him, or take his side in an argument. But...yeah.

Sam said...

You are being too kind to this aggravating woman who seems to revel in abusing police officers for no good reason even though a couple put their lives at risk saving her miserable arse from drowning. She should sectioned.

Anonymous said...

Shame one of them didn't have a milkshake, quite pleasing to see a brexiter getting it from his own side though : )

Unknown said...

A revolting woman who had no interest in debate, just to shout and contradict. Typical of the 'out means out' brigade.

Anonymous said...

Is she actually using a megaphone in that clip? I can see a microphone by her mouth.