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Sunday 12 May 2019

Nigel Farage Says Welcome To 1984

Winston Brit loved Big Brother Farage. He wanted, above all, to belong. Farage showed him a world where he would belong. Winston Brit never met Big Brother Farage - sadly, the nearest he would ever get would be a giant auditorium, where the man to whom he belonged could be viewed only as a speck in the distance. But Winston Brit knew that Farage loved his people. So he followed only him, to the exclusion of all others.
Squeaky ignorance is ignorance finger up the bum time

He supported Farage; in this way, he was part of The Party. He shut out all mention of words like Autocracy and Dictatorship. That Farage did not allow The Party to have any internal democracy did not deter him. The Party would deliver Brexit, and Brexit, when it came, would be worth the wait, the pain, the violent clampdown on dissent, the broken promises. Brexit would be somewhere better. Because Farage said so.

Winston Brit knew that Farage was a man of the people, because Farage invoked the people as those to whom he owed everything. So it must be true. He shut out all talk of Farage only being interested in the rich and greedy. He would entertain no-one who claimed Farage was merely setting up his country to be asset-stripped by disaster capitalists and its people left impoverished for decades afterwards.

This talk he dismissed because he knew the word was Brexit; The Party was Brexit; the goal was Brexit; Brexit would make everything better. Better meant no more people who did not speak as he spoke. Better meant no more people who did not look as he looked. Better meant no more tiresome regulation. Winston Brit was not sure what the tiresome regulation did, but he trusted Farage, and Farage told him the regulation was bad.

He did not know how the state called Better would be delivered. But he knew he had supported The Party because democracy had to be saved. He missed the part where saving democracy meant those who disagreed with Big Brother became cast out, became un-persons. But Winston Brit took no notice of them, because they would not deliver Brexit. Farage told him Brexit would make things Better. So he supported The Party.
He kept up his support of The Party because Big Brother Farage was a humble and modest man. He knew this because The Party told him so. He dismissed talk of Farage being a multi-millionaire, living in a multi-million pound house and spending decades taking the money while delivering nothing in return; those people were part of Project Fear, and Project Fear, he knew, was the work of those who did not want to deliver Brexit.

So Winston Brit voted for Big Brother Farage. He belonged. He mattered. But one day, when he sat there in his modest little home, with no work and no income, and reached out to The Party, there was no-one there. Only then did he realise that Brexit had not made things Better for him, that Farage had indeed been taking the money and giving nothing back, that The Party was a vehicle for unprincipled freeloaders, and he’d been had.

Sadly, by then it was too late. Winston Brit had lost his job, his democratic rights, his hard-won protections against exploitation, his clean water, his good air quality, and food standards. His country had been sold out by those disaster capitalists he thought did not exist. Brexit meant his country was now owned by another, much larger, country.

The Party sought power entirely for its own sake. Welcome to Farage’s 1984.
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Arnold said...

It's one of those days when I wish Zelo Street had a "Like" button.

Anonymous said...

"Thirsty" Farage put Marr through the mincer this morning. The old smear tactics don't do it anymore, it was pathetic, worse than this insignificant and little observed blog.

Things have changed, you've lost the arguments, deal with it.

Tim Fenton said...


Farage did o such thing. He became ratty and clearly unhappy very quickly.

As the transcript I referenced from my later post shows.

You're welcome.