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Sunday 26 May 2019

Tommy Robinson Bracing For Defeat

Although voters in the UK went to the polls last Thursday to cast their ballots in this year’s round of elections to the European Parliament, other EU member states will not complete the process until later today. So although turnout figures have been made available, we cannot know who has been elected until after 2200 hours today. That has not stopped one campaign from making its own all-too-obvious prediction.
To no surprise at all, that campaign is the one run on behalf of Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson. He is bidding to become an independent MEP for North West England, although he lives in the Home Counties. Lennon and his pals have decided that they need to get their excuses in first, and their base riled up.
While Ezra Levant of Rebel Media is promising an election special for Rebel TV, telling his followers “The UK’s fascist left has deplatformed Tommy Robinson from social media. Now they’re harassing newspapers for simply reporting the existence of his campaign. I hope he wins tomorrow” (hard for anyone in the UK to deplatform someone when that platform is Twitter or Facebook), Lennon’s pal Avi Yemini is playing the blame game.
As Zelo Street observed yesterday, some postal workers on Merseyside refused to deliver election leaflets for Lennon. Yemini is now talking this up as an excuse if Lennon loses, posing the question no-one is interested in - “Did [Censored] get CHEATED out of the election?” QTWTAIN. Yemini was not alone, though.
Lennon’s associate Daniel Thomas, the amateur comedy kidnapper, started the day in optimistic mood, telling “It’s the day that could change everything, he has campaigned tirelessly to show the public he is the right man for the job. Later today, we find out if our man #TommyRohinson will walk into the EU like @TheNotoriousMMA. Come on Tommy you got this!!” But then his mood changed as Nick Lowles of Hope not Hate appeared.
Lowles had been joking about Lennon’s chances of getting elected, and another Tweeter had talked about “rubbing out” pencil crosses on ballot papers. Lowles hoped they were using a Hope not Hate eraser. Thomas was not happy. “Lead loony leftie at @hopenothate, discussing & making jokes about  election fraud. This is the same organisation who works with the government, BBC to attempt to bring down figures on the right they don't agree with”. Paranoid, much? And there was more.
Lennon’s number one fan Lucy Brown, who had his prison number tattooed on her wrist, and calls him “Babes”, is also on the same page: “Wirral Trades Union Council Facebook page have openly thanked ‘posties’ for not delivering Tommys [sic] electoral campaign leaflets, which is in breach of the Representation of the People Act 1983”.
So if Lennon fails to be elected tonight, his campaign already has its excuses ready. He was cheated out of it by the Rotten Lefties™. The problem with this one is that he would have to already be very close to making the cut, given the number of potential votes involved. If he’s way off the pace, they might as well not bother.

Not that that will stop The Great Tommy. There’s personal responsibility for you.
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Arnold said...

I hate to say this, but doesn't he have a point? He didn't get the service he paid the Royal Mail for.

Anonymous said...

Posties can choose if they want to deliver political/advertising leaflets they want to and get paid extra for it. Robinscum has no case.

Jonathan said...

When I was a postie back in the 90s, we refused to deliver National Front material. No should be made to deliver hate.

Arnold said...

I would have refused to deliver them too. But Royal Mail should never have taken his order.

A Kelly said...

Anyone who stands in a national election (General, By, Europe.) Is allowed to have one election leaflet sent to all of their intended constituents free of charge. A manager at each main sorting office is appointed to oversee the election material and sent out, answer queries etc. the material is sent out with the day to day mail, the postmen/women. are not paid extra.Royal Mail cannot refuse to handle election material. If the staff refuse to deliver it due to their "conscious clause", the election material would have to be delivered separately by managers. They would then have to be paid extra.