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Thursday 2 May 2019


When Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, went to harass the parents of a student who had been mercilessly taking the mickey out of him, one of those he took along, but just for the ride you understand, was Avi Yemini, a self-confessed killer of Palestinian civilians whose speciality is “Gotcha” videos.
Yemini, as Zelo Street regulars will know, is also associated with Lennon via his apparent sponsorship of the barbecue last week in Wythenshawe, where Lennon was refused permission to use the land - he went ahead anyway - and was then warned by Police not to continue giving away free food as this broke the law on Treating.

Just what that couple doorstepped in the dead of night, and again the next morning, were having ranged against them has been thrown into sharp relief today as Yemini has found himself in court on a knife crime charge, as well as what looks like stalking. The report came from Australia’s Herald Sun newspaper, but as this is a Murdoch operation wanting readers to register, no link will be provided. Sorry Rupe, but you know how it is.
Activist and self-defence guru Avi Yemini has appeared in court facing charges that he injured, harassed and threw a knife at the face of a woman … Mr Yemini … pleaded not guilty to eight charges at Moorabbin Magistrates’ Court this morning.” There was more.

Court documents released to the Leader state he has been charged with recklessly causing injury to a woman at a Caulfield North premises on March 18, 2016. Police allege on the same day he also recklessly engaged in conduct by throwing a knife at the victim’s face that placed her in danger of serious injury … They also believe in December 2015, three times in July 2017 and again in November last year he used a carriage service to harass her”. Sounds like a creep. He’s even fallen out with his own family.
In October 2016, the Australian Jewish News told that his brother, Manny Waks, was suing Yemini for defamation. To show the level of familial harmony extant at the time, Yemini claimed “I refuse to be bullied by anyone, especially by this self proclaimed advocate who happens to be my brother”. And he’s a vicious Islamophobe, to boot.

The level of viciousness can be gauged from his creepy pursuit of Ilhan Omar, the Democrat Congresswoman who represents Minnesota’s 5th District. “I can’t wait for @POTUS to officially designate The Muslim Brotherhood as the TERRORIST organisation they really are. Supporters like @Ilhan will finally be locked-up … Her husband aka brother can visit her in Guantanamo Bay” he Tweeted recently.
Avi Yemini is a bigot, a creep, a bully, and has a self-confessed history of gratuitous gun violence. Now he’s been bailed on a knife crime charge. Yet Stephen Lennon thought it was a good idea to not only invite him to the UK, but also to take him along to take part in one of his most vicious harassment events. Still, there is one silver lining to this cloud.

And that’s the distinct possibility that, having been banned from the USA and bailed following his court appearance in Oz, he may well be excluded from the UK as well.

Strange how so may of Lennon’s pals turn out to be creeps. I’ll just leave that one there.
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