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Monday 27 May 2019

Tommy Robinson HUMILIATED

And so, after the campaigning, the Police overtime, the milkshakes, the violent assaults that are still being investigated, the rallies that descended into yet more violence, and the instilling of paranoia into voters - like telling them to take a pen to the polling station because of the suspicion that a pencil mark would be rubbed out - came the moment of truth for Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson.
The reality was that he lost. He lost so badly, in fact, that he lost his £5,000 deposit - or, rather, whoever paid the £5,000 deposit lost it. The Tories, who scored just over 130,000 votes in North West England, failed to have one MEP elected. Lennon scored around 39,000 - not much more than 2% of the popular vote.
Those who had followed his campaign so enthusiastically, like Rebel Media head man Ezra Levant and his sidekick Jessica Swietoniowski, had talked up their live results show. Ms Swietoniowski provided her usual schtick, sneering at “Government Journalists” - in other words, real journalists, rather than amateurs who don’t know what they’re doing except to follow an already-set agenda - but then the results came.
And from that point on, the Rebel Media crowing ceased. But the excuses only ramped up, as soon as Lennon’s pal Daniel Thomas, the amateur comedy kidnapper, told the world “**Breaking news** Unfortunately Tommy Robinson has not been elected!!!
Fire up that spin machine! Self-confessed child killer Avi Yemini offered “JUST IN: #TommyRobinson gets the HIGHEST independent vote in history, but still not enough to win his seat … Censorship 1 … Democracy 0”. “His” seat? Another clown who doesn’t understand the European Parliament election process. And there was more.
Politicalite, fresh from having UKIP suspend one of its team, whined “This wasn’t a fair campaign. Tommy was banned from social media and was denied fair media coverage. The Establishment have denied the working class people of Britain a voice”. Denied coverage? He was never off the local TV news. Away with you.
Pat Condell, meanwhile, was away with the fairies in no style at all: “A valiant attempt by #TommyRobinson, who campaigned with integrity and maturity in the face of extreme provocation, gross misrepresentation, and blanket censorship. If he had been allowed to compete on a level playing field, things might have been different”. Wibble. Hatstand.
Thomas, though, was there to give his faithful support to the very end. “Tommy Robinson is a voice for the forgotten, this experience will only make him stronger!!! Oh Tommy Tommy!! We stand by him, no matter what!! #TommyRobinson”. Fine by me, Danny. You stand there, then. Everyone else has left. The circus has gone home.

All he has left now is his retrial for Contempt of Court. He might lose that one, too.
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Big Rig said...

so much for being there till the end, he left before the announcement

Sam said...

"A voice for the forgotten"?. More like a Voice for Neo Nazis and it looks like he hoovered them all up with the "biggest ever vote for an Independent" and did us a huge favour and showed that for all the clamor and drama, Britain has less then 2% of the %37 ( you do the figures, I can't) who voted who are Fascist fellow travelers which out of a population of 66 million is wonderful.
Thank you Tommy.
And as normal Labour voting areas voted massively for the loony Brexit Party it also shows Jeremy Corbyn must still walk a fine line and not alienate millions of Labour Brexit fans and the times appear to be moving in his favour and the Remain Labour MPs demanding otherwise just don;t seem to get it.
So expect even fiercer attacks from the Street of Shame as Jeremy is "exposed" as a Chinese operative, a Russian plant, part of some mythical"Westminster Satanic pedo ring" and so on. It's going to be a bumpy ride from hereon.

rob said...

Brilliant news.

With tactical voting aided by social media having a large impact on the results both main parties leaders will have to give regard to total electorate considerations than just their own narrow agenda.

The only real downside to the results was that the Farage Party maintained its share of the national vote. And that people like Widdecome and Claire Fox together with Farage represent the UK in Europe.

Arnold said...

"Government Journalists". Murdoch journalists as they are usually called.

Mo Mentum said...


Para 1: fair enough
Para 2: obtuseness worthy of Jeremy himself.