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Saturday 4 May 2019

Tommy Robinson Minder Admits Assault

After the visit to the town of Warrington last Thursday by Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, and his entourage, Cheshire Police have decided to open an investigation into complaints of deliberate and unprovoked assault on bystanders by some of Lennon’s minders. “Cheshire constabulary confirmed it is investigating ‘a number of assaults’ and confirmed that two people had been taken to hospital before later being discharged. No arrests had yet been made, the force saidaccording to the Guardian.
So it is most public-spirited of Lennon’s minder Daniel Thomas, otherwise known as the amateur comedy kidnapper, to volunteer the kind of information that will assist the Police with their enquiries - not only into the complaints of assault, but also Thomas’ routine lapses into both anti-Semitic and homophobic hate speech, as well as his willingness to dispense mental health smears in the general direction of his opponents.
You say "you're nicked" once more and you'll get a smack, right?

As the Guardian report tells, “One woman, Alice Edwards, said she suffered a broken nose and needed stitches to her head after she was allegedly ‘punched straight on the nose’ by Robinson’s campaign organiser, Danny Thomas … Video footage shows Thomas moments earlier barging into a man standing with his hands in his pockets, in what appears to be an unprovoked incident that sparked the brawl”. There was more.
A member of Robinson’s security team can then be seen grabbing John Risley, 31, from behind before he is punched to the ground … The footage then shows Risley apparently dazed and laying flat on his back as Edwards, 24, is attacked by at least two men in the background”. Both Risley and Ms Edwards had to be treated in hospital.
So who done it? Fortunately, Thomas has owned up. “This man ‘Women’ [sic] who was born with a penis, assaulted us before I defended Tommy & his team. That's my job, this group physically assaulted, abused & followed us all day. He came up behind us, assaulted us and then I defended myself. Police at fault 100%, Tommy is not a punch bag”. So he admits he was the culprit. Also, transphobic smear - check!
Moving right along to Thomas’ other lapses into hate speech, here’s a recent gem from The Great Man: “You loony leftie lemons carry on arguing between yourselves, you all have mental health issues. Non [sic] of you actually achieve anything, so many genuine issues around but you do nothing. Sad bunch of real fascist twats, and the public can see it”. Mental health smear - check! And then it was on to anti-Semitism.
Here’s Thomas having a go at Hope Not Hate: “how can you be that desperate for money when you're getting funded by someone likes Soros … No one wants to send you any money, because your [sic] a bias [sic] corrupt organisation that has no purpose at all”. Gratuitous anti-Semitism smear - check! Plenty of evidence to be going on with.
Especially as both those who were gratuitously assaulted aren’t about to let it drop. “Risley and Edwards both confirmed that they had spoken to police and intend to press charges against Robinson’s supporters. They were both due to make formal statements to Cheshire police this weekend, they said”. Lennon is back in the North West tomorrow.

And so, it has to be assumed, is Daniel Thomas. Just in time to get himself nicked.
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Arnold said...

I would have expected a police presence at his rallies and the immediate arrest of anyone assaulting members of the public.

ISKRA said...
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