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Friday 17 May 2019

Generation Identity MUST BE PROSCRIBED

A sad nobody was sentenced today to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 20 years. As the BBC has reported, “A neo-Nazi who planned to murder Labour MP Rosie Cooper in a terrorist attack has been jailed for life. Jack Renshaw, 23, from Skelmersdale, Lancashire, must serve at least 20 years in prison”. Renshaw had wanted to “replicate” the murder of Jo Cox. He made a Nazi salute as he was led from the dock.
He also plotted to murder Detective Constable Victoria Henderson, and was already serving a three-year sentence for anti-Semitic speeches made in 2016. Renshaw was obsessed with an “international Jewish conspiracy”. As the trial judge observed, he “viewed the State as oppressing the white community, by encouraging non-whites to enter the country, a state of affairs which the Jews were encouraging”.

Renshaw joined the BNP. Later he joined National Action. He also subscribed to the conspiracist “Great Replacement” theory promoted by Generation Identity. It was already clear from GI’s previous campaigns that this was not only an Islamophobic, but also an anti-Semitic organisation. They had toldLondon activists were back out on the streets tonight handing out warm pork suppers to the homeless”. Warm pork suppers.
Jack Renshaw

Moreover, Renshaw “was also jailed for 16 months in June 2018 for four counts of grooming adolescent boys”. He was a very sad individual. But he was not the only terrorist linked to Generation Identity: after the Christchurch killings, it was revealed that there was a financial link between the killer and the Identitarian movement in Austria.

At the time, it was reported that “Hansjoerg Bacher, spokesman for prosecutors in Graz, said Martin Sellner, head of the Identitarian Movement … received 1,500 euros ($1,690) in early 2018 from a donor with the same name as the man charged with … the Christchurch attack”. It now seems that was not an isolated incident.

As The Local has reported, “The leader of an Austrian far-right group has confirmed a media report that he had more extensive contact with the suspect behind deadly mosque attacks in New Zealand than previously admitted”. Martin Sellner “had publicly denied having had contact with [Brenton] Tarrant other than sending him a ‘thank you’ email for the 1,500-euro ($1,700) donation received in January 2018”.
Martin Sellner - banned from UK and USA

But that wasn’t true. “Public broadcaster ORF reported late Tuesday that the men had in fact exchanged several emails, the last one dating back to July 2018, showing that their contact was ‘longer and more intensive’ … In reply to Sellner's ‘thank you’ message, Tarrant said it had only been a small contribution in comparison to the work that Sellner was doing”. Then came the really sickening - and damning - part.

In a further exchange, Sellner invited Tarrant for a beer or coffee if he was ever in Vienna. Tarrant returned the invitation for New Zealand, adding that sympathisers would also be happy to host him in Australia”. Linked intimately to mass killings in New Zealand, attempted terrorist killings in the UK, trying to interfere with refugee rescue efforts in the Mediterranean, crude and routine Islamophobic and anti-Semitic acts, and more.

Jack Renshaw is the latest example of why Generation Identity should, like National Action, be proscribed. And sooner rather than later.
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