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Tuesday 7 May 2019

Nigel Farage - No Free Speech In Chester

Yesterday, Nigel “Thirsty” Farage and his pals rocked up in the City of Chester for another of their Nuremberg-style rallies, this time at the Old Hall “Country Club and Spa”, a venue on the other side of the A55. The Brexit Party Oberscheissenführer may have been hoping for no more than adoration from those assembled. But one local Tweeter and blogger had got a ticket for the bash, and wanted to live-Tweet what was actually happening.
Squeaky modern fascism finger up the bum time
The result was reminiscent of the Odessa File scene where Jon Voight encounters a gathering of old Nazis in Hamburg: the Tweeter known as Shit Chester was hunted down and removed from the area, his crime being the exercising of his freedom of speech. The far-right loves to bang on about FREEZE PEACH, but only for themselves.
Huge turnout for the Brexit rally” he observed, before turning his attention to Mr Thirsty’s arrival among his adoring flock. “One infiltrator at Brexit rally shouts ‘He's lying again!’” was the comment as Farage entered, dressed in his yellow comedy trousers and accompanied by a heavy in a dark suit. Who else might be there, then?
To the comment “Bank holiday ‘fun’”, that looks very much like Claire Fox arriving with Farage, the terrorist sympathiser still on the Brexit Party candidates’ list despite the severely adverse comment from Colin Parry. But then, Shit Chester sowed the seeds of his own downfall, also telling “Security tussling with a protester ... Led away by 4 heavies”.
Nige and his pals don’t want you to know about that. Nor do they want to see factual observations like “They keep saying ‘change politics for the good’.. but not saying how they'll do it. @brexitparty_uk has no policies”. Nor do they want to see references like “Big applause for Strictly star Anne Widdecombe”. And they don’t want comments like “And there's a man in a ‘make Britain great again’ T shirt”.
The upshot was that the 2019 version of Division Siegfried lumbered into action, sought out Shit Chester, and ejected him from the gathering. “Shocking scenes as @brexitparty_uk eject a neutral observer for tweeting negative words. That's right the Brexit Party are afraid of WORDS. Accused of being a left wing agitator. They don’t want a discussion they just want you to listen to their rhetoric. Shameful”.
There was more. “Denied access to vehicle my the security ‘team’ for 2 hours. @OldHallCC a disgrace”. As for the Old Hall director who said he should have made his comments to Farage’s face, “Strange claim from @OldHallCC director online: the fascists only wanted people who agreed with them. All i did was tweet my observations. If you had spoken anything to his face you'd have been in a headlock in seconds”. Quite.
All of which led to one inescapable conclusion. “Brexit party bang on about democracy but only want you to turn up and clap . Took 3 security staff to escort me away for the crime of tweeting. They don't want free speech … 3 security guards required to silence one tweeter #democracy”. That, folks, is the reality of modern fascism.

Small wonder that Shit Chester has temporarily changed his Twitter name to “Ejected from fascist rally”. Because that’s what happened yesterday. No questions are permitted, just blind obedience to Mr Thirsty. Just so he can carry on fiddling his expenses.
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Mark said...

Farage has been raiding the wardrobes at BBC's Bargain Hunt again I see...

Gonzoland said...

It's the centenary of Alcock and Brown flying across the Atlantic Ocean and where are we now?
An all cock and brown-jacketed ponce flying back and forth peddling crap.
Progress eh?

rob said...

I would be interested on your take of the Ben Kay Twitter thread detailing the Labour connections with Cambridge Analytica and Arron Bank's mob.

Unknown said...

I was there and got assaulted by that security team. I was charged at from behind without warning and knocked to the ground - my crime, filming a local councillor being attacked by the security goons. I continued filming until I was assaulted again by head of security - he did not like being filmed. Arm locked and frog marched out of frog faces rally, with security guard pushing me into fences whilst trying repeatedly to grab my phone. Very nasty and aggressive security team determined to stop any one expressing an opinion. The 250 people there had each been individually screened - you had to provide your social media details to get a ticket, and I know of a number of people who were initially granted tickets, but then had them rescinded after "background" checks. All very facist from the Farage Facist Brexit party (that is not a party at all it seems)...