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Saturday 18 May 2019

Nigel Farage Is The New Avon Lady

As the campaign for elections next week to the European Parliament enters the final straight, we still know relatively little about the Brexit Party. Sure, their roster of candidates - has-beens, spivs, unprincipled business folk, and press establishment stooges - is out there. So is the sure and certain knowledge that there is no internal democracy, that the organisation is no more than a vehicle for the ego of Nigel “Thirsty” Farage.
Squeaky Eau de Cockup finger up the bum time

But what else is there? The Brexit Party won’t tell us about its funding, except that many supporters have ponied up £25 each just to be part of Farage’s autocracy, and that there are several donors of significantly larger sums, except that we don’t get to find out who they are until Nige says the time is right to tell us.

The Brexit Party does, though, have its own constitution, including a section titled “NAME AND OBJECTIVES OF THE PARTY”. This tells “The Party exists as a Political Party registered with the UK Electoral Commission under the PPERA. The Party bears the Electoral Commission Registration Number XXXXX [Uh? Is that a kind of strong beer, perchance?]. The registered name of the Party under the PPERA shall be THE BREXIT PARTY (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Party’)”.

So it will be known only as the Brexit Party? Well, maybe not. “The Party may also use such other names as may be registered from time to time with the Electoral Commission and may also use informally such other names as may from time to time be appropriate”.
Maybe not always the Brexit Party, then. But there will be only one company involved. “The Party exists as a Limited Liability Company registered with Companies House, Registration Number 11694874, in accordance with the Companies Act 2006”.

Ah, so Registered Company 11694874 is the Brexit Party, yes? Let’s just check on that with Companies House. And … we have a problem, Houston.

Registered Company 11694874 was incorporated on the same date as the Brexit Party - 23 November 2018 - but it is not the Brexit Party. According to the Brexit Party’s constitution, lodged with the Electoral Commission, it is in fact RAFIQ COSMETICS LTD.
Furr Nige ... cos 'ees wurth eet

You read that right. Rafiq Cosmetics Ltd., which is based in Sheffield. And not the Brexit Party, which is based in central London. Someone mis-copied the Registration Number - the correct one for The Brexit Party Ltd is 11694875.

Whether than invalidates the Brexit Party’s registration with the Electoral Commission, or otherwise compromises its campaigning ability, is not known. But the idea of Nigel Farage as the new face of Avon (ding dong!) is one to savour.

It would explain the excess of lippy, though. What a bunch of clowns.
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Arnold said...

Led By Donkeys has kindly written their manifesto for them.


Concoctor and Gamble said...

Nigel Farage - More a Rimmer than Rimmel.
Lax Factor.

Ed said...

That constitution looks like a second draft - most of it's there but there are sections missing or misnumbered, and some proof reading is required.

Peter Cook said...

The Brexit Party Manifesto https://academy-of-rock.bandcamp.com/album/rage-against-the-brexit-party

Nigel Stapley said...

Not so much Givenchy as Givichy...

Gonzoland said...

@Ed 18 May 20:23
Those errors, at a Party with only one policy and no members, doesn't inspire confidence in their organisational ability. Is Chris Grayling moonlighting as a BP administrator?